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Boiler Cover Including Underfloor Heating: Essential Protection for Your Home

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Boiler cover is an essential consideration for homeowners, as it offers protection for your boiler and central heating system in the event of a breakdown. A well-functioning boiler is crucial for maintaining a comfortable home environment, especially during colder months. Boiler cover policies can vary in their offerings, with some providing coverage for the boiler alone, while others include additional components of the heating system. This makes it important to choose a policy that suits your specific needs.

A popular addition to many modern homes is underfloor heating, which provides warmth by circulating hot water through piping beneath the floors. While this technology is efficient and comfortable, it also comes with its own set of potential issues that may require attention. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that your boiler cover takes into account the needs of your underfloor heating system as well.

By selecting a boiler cover policy that includes underfloor heating, homeowners can gain peace of mind knowing their entire heating system is protected. This comprehensive approach to coverage ensures that both the boiler and underfloor heating components are taken care of, safeguarding homeowners from unwelcome repair costs and maintaining optimal home comfort throughout the year.

Understanding Boiler Cover

Components of Boiler Cover

Boiler cover is a type of insurance policy or service agreement designed to cover the costs of servicing and repairing a boiler. There are several aspects to boiler cover, including coverage for breakdowns, replacement parts, and regular servicing. Some plans may also include coverage for underfloor heating.

  • Breakdown coverage: Boiler cover plans usually include coverage for unexpected breakdowns, providing a gas-safety registered engineer to diagnose and fix issues.
  • Replacement parts: Depending on the plan, boiler cover may include the costs of replacement parts, ensuring a swift repair.
  • Servicing: Regular boiler servicing can help prevent major issues and maintain efficiency. Some boiler cover plans include annual servicing as part of the package.

Functionality and Usability

Boiler cover is independent of your energy supplier, so switching your gas and electricity provider will not affect your boiler cover policy. When a boiler develops an issue, the policyholder contacts their boiler cover provider, who will then arrange for a gas-safety engineer to visit and resolve the problem.

The usability of a boiler cover plan often depends on:

  1. Accessibility: Availability of customer support and speed of response to boiler issues.
  2. Cost-effectiveness: The price of the boiler cover plan weighed against the potential costs of repair and servicing.

Importance of Boiler Cover

Boiler cover is important for homeowners because it can provide peace of mind and financial protection in case of boiler breakdowns or malfunctions. Benefits of boiler cover include:

  • Lower repair costs: Boiler cover helps to protect homeowners from potentially expensive repair costs. For example, if a standard boiler repair cost £50, having boiler cover may save the homeowner money in the long run.
  • Quick access to experts: Boiler cover ensures that policyholders have access to gas-safety registered engineers when problems arise, often within 24 hours.
  • Reduced disruptions: Boiler breakdowns can cause significant disruptions, especially during cold weather. Boiler cover helps to minimize these disruptions by enabling prompt repairs.
  • Maintaining efficiency: Regular servicing, which may be included in some boiler cover plans, keeps the boiler running efficiently, reducing heating costs and potential future repair costs.

In conclusion, boiler cover is a service designed to offer financial protection and peace of mind to homeowners by covering the costs of repairs, replacements, and servicing. Understanding the components, functionality, and importance of boiler cover can help individuals make informed decisions about the best protection plans for their needs.

Delving into Underfloor Heating

Benefits of Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating offers several advantages over traditional radiators. It provides consistent and even heat distribution throughout a room, resulting in a more comfortable living environment. Additionally, because it is hidden beneath the floor, underfloor heating saves precious wall space and contributes to a more aesthetically pleasing interior. As underfloor heating runs at lower temperatures than radiators, it can also lead to energy savings for homeowners.

There are two main types of underfloor heating systems: electric (dry) and warm water (wet). Electric systems use heating cables, while warm water systems utilise a network of pipes connected to the central heating system. Warm water systems are powered by various boilers, including:

  • Combi boilers
  • System boilers
  • Conventional gas boilers
  • Oil boilers
  • LPG boilers
  • Condensing boilers

Furthermore, underfloor heating can be compatible with renewable technologies, such as heat pumps.

Suitability with Boiler Cover

When considering boiler cover, it is essential to verify if underfloor heating is included in the policy. Some boiler cover plans may only cover the boiler itself and not any additional components like the underfloor heating system. It may be advisable to seek out policies that do include underfloor heating, as repairing or replacing components can get expensive.

In general, underfloor heating systems work well with various boiler types, making them a suitable choice for homeowners who already have a particular type of boiler or are looking to upgrade. However, it's crucial to consult with professionals before installation to ensure compatibility between your existing boiler and the underfloor heating system.

To keep underfloor heating systems running efficiently and reduce the risk of costly repairs, regular maintenance is necessary. A boiler cover policy that includes underfloor heating can provide peace of mind and financial protection in case of any issues or breakdowns.

In summary, underfloor heating is an attractive option for homeowners due to its comfort, space-saving design, and potential energy savings. When evaluating boiler cover policies, make sure to check if underfloor heating is included. By doing so, homeowners can protect their investment and ensure long-lasting and efficient underfloor heating.

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Boiler Cover Including Underfloor Heating

Effectiveness of the Combination

Underfloor heating systems are becoming increasingly popular in modern homes due to their energy efficiency and even distribution of heat. Combining boiler cover with underfloor heating maintenance can be an effective way to ensure both your boiler and heating system are in good condition and functioning properly.

Boiler cover protects your boiler and its controls, while underfloor heating maintenance covers the various components involved in heating your floor, such as pipes, manifolds, and thermostats. By choosing a suitable boiler cover plan that also includes underfloor heating maintenance, you can ensure that your entire heating system is kept in good working order by professionals with the expertise to handle any issues that may arise.

Underfloor heating can be linked to your boiler system, allowing for seamless integration with your central heating. This combination provides efficient heat distribution and lowers the overall energy consumption of your home, making it an environmentally friendly and cost-effective choice.

Cost Implications

Although having boiler cover that includes underfloor heating maintenance might seem like an additional expense, it can potentially save you money in the long run. When you have a comprehensive boiler cover plan, any issues with your boiler or underfloor heating system can be addressed quickly, minimising the risk of costly repairs or complete system replacements.

The cost of boiler cover can vary depending on the provider and the level of coverage you choose. Prices can start from as low as £3.50 per month and go up depending on the level of cover you require, including optional extras like underfloor heating maintenance.

When considering the cost implications, it is important to weigh the initial investment against potential savings in energy bills and repair costs. A well-maintained boiler and underfloor heating system can help homeowners save on utility bills in the long run, making boiler cover including underfloor heating maintenance a worthwhile investment for many households.

Choosing the Right Cover

Important Considerations

When selecting boiler cover that includes underfloor heating, it's crucial to consider the following:

  1. Extent of the cover: Some policies only cover the boiler and heating controls, while others include the entire heating system, such as underfloor heating and hot water supply. Make sure to choose an option that meets your specific needs.
  2. Excess and callout fees: Boiler cover policies often come with excess or callout charges. Compare different plans to find one with reasonable fees associated with repairs or maintenance.
  3. Annual service: Ensuring your boiler is serviced regularly is essential to keep it running efficiently and safely. Some boiler cover policies include an annual service, so consider opting for a policy that offers this feature.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

To make the best choice for boiler cover with underfloor heating, it's important to avoid these common mistakes:

  • Automatically choosing your gas company: It might be tempting to simply sign up for heating cover with your current energy provider, but this could be more expensive than alternatives. Always compare policies from different providers to find the best deal.
  • Overlooking policy exclusions: Some boiler cover policies include specific exclusions that might affect your underfloor heating system. Carefully review all terms and conditions to ensure they meet your requirements.
  • Ignoring customer reviews: Customer feedback can provide valuable insights into a company's performance, quality of service, and reliability. Always check and consider customer reviews before making a decision.

By keeping these points in mind, you'll be better equipped to find the ideal boiler cover policy that includes underfloor heating and ensures your home stays warm and comfortable throughout the year.

Case Studies

A detailed case study analysis was conducted, monitoring the performance of gas central heating systems in four homes over the course of one year. This mature technology showed performance issues that could be potentially addressed with alternative heating solutions such as underfloor heating.

One example of underfloor heating demonstrated its efficiency in comparison to traditional radiator systems. Underfloor heating brought the temperature point down to 30-40 degrees Celsius compared to conventional radiator-based central heating systems. It was found that, on average, underfloor heating could save 15% against a standard radiator system, even when combined with modern condensing boilers.

A project in London featured a dramatic refurbishment of an imposing Victorian house on the South Side of Westbourne Grove. Nu-Heat designed and supplied underfloor heating for all floors of this family home, overcoming the challenges of a changing brief and creating a comfortable, energy-efficient environment.

Understanding the installation process of underfloor heating systems is essential when considering this option. There are two main types of underfloor heating: warm water and 'dry' or electric systems. The choice of system depends on factors such as the property type, floor construction and the desired level of energy efficiency.

Finally, it is worth noting that boiler cover should also be considered when exploring heating solutions. A large percentage of people have experienced boiler breakdowns during winter, with an average repair cost of £940. However, almost half of property owners do not have any money set aside for such issues, with a third admitting they would be unable to afford a new system if their current one broke down.


In the world of home heating, boiler cover and underfloor heating are two important options to consider. A boiler cover, like a standard boiler or heating cover, offers homeowners access to a registered engineer in case of heating breakdowns and takes care of the costs of calling out an engineer and any necessary parts.

On the other hand, underfloor heating, as explained by Living by HomeServe, involves installing a system of water pipes or electric coils beneath the flooring, resulting in consistent, comfortable warmth that rises through the air. Although most insurance policies may cover accidental damage to underground pipes and cables, coverage for underfloor heating systems may not be as straightforward, as these are often considered part of the home structure rather than a service being supplied to it.

Some underfloor cover plans do provide comprehensive coverage for both the boiler and central heating system as well as all components within the underfloor heating system. These plans can be a valuable investment for homeowners seeking peace of mind in the event of heating issues.

In conclusion, homeowners should explore the various boiler cover and underfloor heating options available to them. By considering the particular needs of their home and researching suitable cover plans, they can make an informed decision that ensures the continued comfort of their living space.

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