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John Lewis Boiler Cover: Reliable Protection for Your Home Heating

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Boiler cover is essential for homeowners as it provides peace of mind in the event of a boiler breakdown. One such reliable option available in the market is the John Lewis boiler cover. Known for their excellent customer service and comprehensive policies, John Lewis Finance offers boiler cover as part of their home insurance package. This cover includes home emergency assistance up to £1,500 and extends to the primary heating system in your home, ensuring a comfortable and worry-free experience for homeowners.

In addition to the boiler cover, John Lewis Finance also offers a comprehensive home insurance policy. This policy takes care of various aspects of a homeowner's needs, such as building and contents insurance. For those seeking additional protection for their boiler and heating system, John Lewis Finance has it covered under their Specialist Home Insurance policy.

It is essential to understand the level of coverage suitable for each homeowner's needs when selecting a boiler cover policy. John Lewis Finance's boiler cover provides an excellent option for those who desire a comprehensive policy backed by a reputable company. Ultimately, this should offer a secure and comfortable living environment, with the confidence that, should any issues arise with the boiler or heating system, the policyholder has the necessary coverage to address it efficiently.

What is John Lewis Boiler Cover?

John Lewis Boiler Cover is a type of home boiler insurance offered by John Lewis Finance. The purpose of this cover is to protect homeowners from the financial burden of boiler repairs in case their boiler breaks down. By offering a comprehensive insurance policy, the company ensures peace of mind for its customers, effectively reducing the stress of unpredictable boiler issues.

One of the primary features of John Lewis Boiler Cover is the annual boiler service included in the policy. This service helps ensure the boiler is well-maintained and functioning efficiently, reducing the likelihood of unexpected issues. Furthermore, the policy offers a 24-hour emergency helpline that customers can access whenever they experience problems with their boiler.

John Lewis Boiler Cover not only provides financial assistance for boiler repairs but also covers call-out charges, the engineer's labour, and the cost of any necessary replacement parts. This comprehensive coverage allows policyholders to focus on keeping their homes warm and comfortable without worrying about unexpected repair costs.

In addition, John Lewis Finance also focuses on working with Gas Safe certified engineers who are skilled and experienced in handling various types of boilers. This ensures that customers receive the highest quality service when they require boiler support or repairs.

To summarise, John Lewis Boiler Cover is a comprehensive insurance policy designed to provide homeowners with the necessary support and financial assistance when their boilers break down. This coverage ensures peace of mind, as it offers reliable, high-quality services and minimises unexpected repair costs.

Features of John Lewis Boiler Cover

John Lewis Boiler Cover is a reliable option for those seeking protection for their home boiler systems. This cover is designed to provide homeowners with peace of mind by assisting in the repair costs if their boiler breaks down.

One notable feature of the John Lewis Boiler Cover is that it typically includes an annual boiler service. This is a valuable addition, as it helps maintain the boiler's efficiency and prolongs its lifespan. Regular servicing can also identify potential issues before they become more significant problems.

Another advantage of this boiler cover is the availability of a 24-hour emergency helpline. When faced with a boiler issue, homeowners can seek immediate assistance from a team of knowledgeable experts. This quick response can reassure customers and help to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

John Lewis also offers comprehensive boiler insurance policies that cater to various homeowner needs. These policies can include cover for the boiler and its controls, as well as other parts of the system such as radiators, pipework, and flue. The plans provided by John Lewis are designed to cover call-out, parts, and labour expenses, ensuring that customers are suitably protected in the event of a breakdown.

It is essential for homeowners to carefully compare the available boiler cover policies and select one that suits their specific requirements. John Lewis Boiler Cover is an excellent option for those who value a comprehensive, reliable service that allows them to focus on the more important aspects of their home.

How to Apply for John Lewis Boiler Cover

John Lewis Boiler Cover is an insurance policy designed to protect homeowners from unexpected boiler breakdowns or issues with their central heating system. To apply for boiler cover with John Lewis, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the John Lewis Finance website: Access the Home Boiler Cover page on John Lewis Finance's website to learn about the available cover options.
  2. Choose a suitable policy: Explore the features and benefits of the various boiler cover policies offered by John Lewis. Assess your needs and choose a policy that best fits your requirements and budget.
  3. Check your eligibility: John Lewis Boiler Cover has specific terms and conditions, as well as exclusions to be considered. Take note of these before you start your application to make sure your home meets their eligibility criteria.
  4. Gather necessary information: Before beginning the application process, gather the required information for your boiler and property. This may include the make, model, age of your boiler, and details about your property.
  5. Get a quote: On the Home Boiler Cover page, click the 'Get a quote' button and fill in the required information. After submitting your details, you will receive a personalised quote for the selected policy.
  6. Review the quote: Once you have received a quote, review it carefully to ensure you understand the cover you will receive, as well as any limitations or exclusions.
  7. Complete the application: If you are satisfied with the quote and wish to proceed, follow the instructions provided to complete your application. You may need to provide additional information or documentation.

Remember to read the policy wording to understand what's covered and any terms and conditions. And if you have any questions or need assistance during the application process, you can contact John Lewis Finance by calling 0345 608 9011.

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John Lewis Boiler Cover Pricing

John Lewis offers boiler cover as part of their Specialist Home Insurance package. Their home emergency assistance provides up to £1,500 (inclusive of VAT) and covers your primary heating system, including boilers.

The cost of John Lewis boiler cover depends on several factors, such as the location of your property, your boiler's make and model, and the level of cover you require. While specific prices are not available without requesting a customised quote, their boiler cover is generally considered competitive in the market.

Some features included in their boiler cover are:

  • Home emergency assistance, offering up to £1,500.
  • Annual service for one oil, gas, or LPG boiler.
  • Contribution to the cost of replacing your boiler if it is beyond economical repair, depending on the age of your boiler.

Keep in mind that prices vary based on your individual circumstances, and you should always request a personalised quote based on your boiler and home requirements. Advantages of choosing John Lewis boiler cover include the reliability that comes with a trusted name and the comprehensive coverage in their policies.

To find out more about John Lewis boiler cover and get a personalised quote, visit their official website.

Pros and Cons of John Lewis Boiler Cover

John Lewis offers boiler cover as part of their home insurance policies, with coverage under their Bronze, Silver, and Gold plans. This section will discuss both the positive and negative aspects of John Lewis boiler cover to provide a balanced view.


Comprehensive emergency cover: John Lewis boiler cover provides comprehensive emergency support for its policyholders. In case of a breakdown or other boiler-related issues, customers can utilize the 24-hour home emergency helpline and receive assistance with repairs.

Coverage for parts and repairs: This boiler cover includes the cost of parts and repairs, which can be a significant relief for homeowners. This coverage may help in saving money, as unexpected major repairs can be costly.

Reputable provider: John Lewis Finance is a well-known and reliable provider. Their home insurance policies, including boiler cover, have a positive reputation in the market, which assures customers of their quality of service and reliability.


Potentially higher cost: The average yearly price for boiler cover is £265.80, and John Lewis typically offers more comprehensive plans, which may result in a higher premium cost. This higher cost might make it less affordable for some customers, especially if they have minimal boiler repair needs.

Boiler cover tied to home insurance: The boiler cover provided by John Lewis Finance is available only as part of their home insurance policies. This means that interested customers need to get their entire home insurance through John Lewis, which may not be the preferred option for everyone.

In summary, John Lewis boiler cover offers comprehensive emergency support, coverage for parts and repairs, and reliability from a reputable provider. On the other hand, it may come with potentially higher costs and the requirement to purchase full home insurance with John Lewis. Customers should carefully weigh these pros and cons when considering this option for their boiler coverage needs.

Customer Reviews of John Lewis Boiler Cover

John Lewis, a well-known retailer in the UK, offers boiler cover as part of its insurance products. As part of evaluating the quality and reliability of this service, looking at customer reviews can be helpful.

While there isn't a dedicated review page for John Lewis boiler cover, customers have shared their experiences with the brand's general customer service and products on Trustpilot. Their overall rating is good, which can be indicative of the company's commitment to providing satisfactory service.

Customers who have availed John Lewis boiler cover might have done so through the Home Insurance policy or as an add-on to their existing policy. It is essential to note that a specific customer's experience with boiler cover might vary depending on the situation and individual preferences.

Factors that could influence the satisfaction of a John Lewis boiler cover customer may include the responsiveness of the 24-hour emergency helpline, the efficiency of repair services, and the overall value for money. It is recommended to read multiple reviews and compare them to other providers to gain a well-rounded understanding of customer experiences with John Lewis boiler cover.

Alternatives to John Lewis Boiler Cover

If you're looking for alternative options to John Lewis boiler cover, there are several other providers to consider. They present a range of plans at various price points, offering options to suit different budgets and requirements.

Another option is to consider including boiler cover as part of your home insurance policy. Some providers offer this feature in their policies, which can be more convenient and cost-effective than having a separate boiler cover plan. For example, John Lewis Home Insurance already includes boiler breakdown cover in their Bronze, Silver, and Gold policies under their home emergency cover section.

When choosing a boiler cover policy, it's essential to read the terms and conditions carefully as well as understand any exclusions. You may find that some policies exclude certain types of boilers or only cover specific kinds of breakdowns. For a comprehensive understanding of boiler cover policies and how to choose the best one for your needs, consult resources like Which? for expert advice and reviews.

In addition to boiler cover, you may also consider preventative measures to maintain the efficiency of your heating system. Regular servicing, annual check-ups, and timely repairs can help keep your boiler in good working condition, reducing the likelihood of a breakdown.

In conclusion, while John Lewis boiler cover provides a reliable option, alternative providers and methods, such as comparison sites, home insurance policies, and preventative maintenance, are worth exploring to find the best coverage for your needs.


John Lewis Finance offers home boiler cover as a part of their Bronze, Silver, and Gold home insurance policies. Purchasing boiler cover can help ease the burden of repair costs and provide peace of mind, knowing that if your boiler breaks, you have support to get it working again quickly.

Boiler breakdown is covered as part of John Lewis Finance's home emergency cover. To access the support, you simply need to call their 24-hour home emergency helpline on 0345 608 9006. The cover includes the cost of parts and repairs necessary to fix the issue.

There are various levels of boiler cover available, with boiler-only cover being the most basic and cheapest option. This level of cover simply protects you against the cost of getting your boiler working again in case it breaks down.

For customers wondering whether boiler breakdown repairs are included in their home insurance policy, it may be worth checking with your insurance provider. Some insurers offer a home emergency cover add-on, which pays towards the cost of a new boiler if it's beyond economic repair, typically in the range of £250 to £500.

Remember that John Lewis Finance is a credit broker and not a lender, so credit is provided elsewhere. They are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Register no. 724309).

It's essential to keep your boiler well-maintained and serviced regularly to avoid any unexpected issues, but having boiler cover with your home insurance can provide additional security and peace of mind.


John Lewis Finance offers a home boiler cover that provides assistance in case of boiler breakdown. This cover includes a range of features, such as an annual boiler service, 24-hour emergency helpline, and repair costs.

Choosing a boiler cover is important for homeowners to ensure the continuous operation of their central heating system. It's essential to compare various options, such as cost and level of coverage, before making a decision. John Lewis Finance has different cover options to suit various requirements and budgets.

In summary, John Lewis Finance's boiler cover can be a reliable and cost-effective solution for homeowners seeking peace of mind and protection against unexpected boiler breakdowns. They aim to provide a comprehensive package for their customers, considering both affordability and quality service in their offerings.

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