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British Gas Boiler Landlord Cover: Compare Best Deals, Pros & Cons

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As winter approaches, ensuring a properly functioning boiler is essential for maintaining a comfortable living environment for tenants. British Gas offers a comprehensive solution for landlords to take care of the heating system in their properties – the Landlord Boiler Cover. This service provides a sense of security, knowing that British Gas will handle the necessary repairs or maintenance if any issues arise with the boiler.

British Gas Landlord Boiler Cover includes essential services such as an annual boiler service worth £99 and unlimited yearly repairs if needed. The plan is cost-effective, priced at just £18 a month, and can be applied to a maximum of nine properties. Furthermore, it comes with an annual Gas Safety Certificate, ensuring your legal obligations are met and your tenants are safe.

Not only does this cover provide peace of mind for landlords and tenants alike, but it also helps manage repairs and maintenance efficiently and effectively. With British Gas Landlord Boiler Cover, landlords can feel confident that their properties are well cared for, especially during the colder months.

What is British Gas Boiler Landlord Cover

British Gas Boiler Landlord Cover is a type of insurance specifically designed for landlords to protect their rental properties' boilers and often central heating systems. This cover provides support when there are issues with the boiler in the buy-to-let property and typically includes annual servicing and gas certificates.

Offered by British Gas, Landlord Boiler Cover ensures that the boiler, central heating, plumbing, drains, and electrics in the rental properties are taken care of. The comprehensive HomeCare plan from British Gas includes an annual Gas Safety Certificate, emergency repairs, and breakdown services for tenants.

Landlord Boiler Cover can be customised with different protection levels for the boiler, central heating, electrics, and plumbing. The cover includes parts and labour and unlimited call-outs, providing landlords with peace of mind. The starting price for British Gas HomeCare for landlords is £21.00 a month, with a £60 excess; however, prices may vary depending on the specific needs and the number of rental properties.

It is crucial to note that the British Gas Boiler Landlord Cover comes with conditions and exclusions. Landlords must check the provider's policy and terms to ensure their rental properties are adequately covered, and the cover meets their requirements. By investing in a suitable Boiler Landlord Cover, landlords can save themselves from potential maintenance costs and ensure their tenants' satisfaction and safety.

Key Features and Benefits

British Gas offers boiler cover specifically designed for landlords seeking protection and support for their rental properties. Their landlord boiler cover and insurance include central heating, plumbing, drains, and electrics maintenance and repair in all rental properties. The cover ensures that breakdowns and emergency repairs are promptly handled, providing peace of mind for you and your tenants.

The most basic plan from British Gas includes an annual boiler service, coverage for the boiler and controls, and a gas safety certificate. The cost for this plan starts at £16 per month with a £60 excess. It is designed to keep your properties compliant and reduce costs from unexpected boiler issues.

Some key features and benefits of the British Gas Landlord Boiler Cover are:

  • Annual Gas Safety Certificate: Landlords are legally required to have an annual gas safety check carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer. This certificate is included in the British Gas Landlord Boiler Cover.
  • Unlimited Repairs: The boiler cover offers unlimited repairs all year round if needed, ensuring your tenants have a functioning and safe heating system.
  • Multi-Property Coverage: You can cover up to nine rental properties under one boiler service plan, making it easy to manage the maintenance of multiple properties.
  • Flexible Service Plans: Depending on your needs and budget, you can choose from various service plans to cover your boiler, central heating, plumbing, drains, and electrics.
  • Emergency repairs and breakdowns - Provide landlords with peace of mind in case of an unforeseen issue with the boiler or other essential systems in the property.
  • Annual boiler service - Regular servicing ensures that the boiler remains in good working condition, reducing the risk of breakdowns and the need for expensive repairs.
  • Reduced prices - the Classic cover offers an estimated price of £20.75 per month (with a £60 excess), a significant discount on the standard rates.

Boiler cover for landlords can be valuable as it helps to maintain the quality and safety of your rental properties. With their gas safety certificate and professional service, British Gas Landlord Boiler Cover ensures that your investment is protected and your tenants are satisfied.

Cost and Payment Options

Landlords can choose between different plans, such as Classic and Complete, allowing them to tailor the level of service they require, helping landlords pay for the services they need while avoiding unnecessary expenses. The cost of these plans depends on coverage, your property's postcode, and other factors.

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British Gas offers a range of landlord boiler cover plans, with prices starting from £21.00 a month (£60 excess). Another option for landlords is the Complete plan, which includes a Gas Safety Certificate, annual boiler service, and coverage for the boiler and controls. Estimated price for the Complete plan with £60 excess is £29.00 per month.

With British Gas, you can protect your rental properties' boiler, central heating, plumbing, drains, and electrics. Their HomeCare service includes the annual Gas Safety Certificate, emergency repairs, and breakdowns.

To learn more about the plans, coverage, and cost, visit British Gas's official website or contact customer service.

Terms and Conditions

British Gas offers Landlord Boiler Cover and insurance, providing a range of services for landlords to protect their rental properties. Their cover includes annual gas safety certificates, emergency repairs, and breakdowns of your boiler, central heating, plumbing, drains, and electrics.

  • Coverage and Pricing

The basic landlord boiler cover starts from just £21 a month. The coverage includes a boiler service worth £99 and unlimited yearly repairs, and it extends to up to nine properties, making it convenient for landlords with multiple rentals.

  • Exclusions and Limitations

Landlords must carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of the British Gas boiler landlord cover, as there may be some exclusions and limitations. Some exceptions could be pre-existing faults or damages, routine maintenance, and boilers over a certain age or of a particular make and model. Geographic restrictions may also apply to the availability of HomeCare cover.

  • Renewals and Cancellations

The terms and conditions set out by British Gas will also include details about the renewal process and cancellation policies. Landlords should be aware of any automatic renewal clauses and any potential fees or penalties associated with cancellations or changes to the coverage plan.

By understanding the terms and conditions of the British Gas boiler landlord cover, landlords can confidently choose a protection plan that suits their needs and ensures the safety and comfort of their tenants.

How to Apply

Applying for British Gas's Landlord Boiler Cover is a straightforward process. To begin, visit the British Gas website and navigate to the Landlord Boiler Cover page. Here, you'll find various options suited to your specific requirements as a landlord.

  • Step 1: Choose the level of boiler cover you need. British Gas offers multiple plans with varying levels of coverage and protection, such as Essential, Classic, and Premium options. Each plan provides different benefits, including an annual boiler service, gas safety certificate, boiler and control repair, and central heating services.
  • Step 2: Decide on your excess. There will be options for selecting an excess amount, which is the sum you pay towards a repair or claim. Depending on your budget and preferences, you can typically choose between £0 and £60.
  • Step 3: Complete the online application form, providing the necessary information about your rental property or properties, including your contact details, property address, and the number of properties you would like to cover.
  • Step 4: Review the terms and conditions and additional information regarding the Landlord Boiler Cover that you've selected. It's essential to carefully read and understand the details of your selected plan and any exclusions or limitations.
  • Step 5: Proceed to the payment page to finalise your application. You can use secure payment methods like a credit card or direct debit. Once your payment has been processed, you'll receive a confirmation email with your policy documents and details on managing your account.

Applying for British Gas Landlord Boiler Cover is simple and efficient, ensuring that your rental properties have the necessary protection in place should boiler or heating issues arise. With tailored plans, convenient online applications, and professional support, your properties can remain safe and comfortable for your tenants.

Customer Service and Support

British Gas is dedicated to providing landlords comprehensive customer service and support through various channels. The company's online account management, helpline, and HomeCare packages demonstrate their commitment to ensuring landlords access a reliable support system for their boiler cover needs.

They recognise the importance of providing exceptional customer service and support to their landlord clients. With a dedicated team of professionals, they strive to address any concerns or issues that landlords may encounter with their boiler cover policies or services.

Customer requests are dealt with promptly and efficiently. One of the ways British Gas offers support is through its online account management system. Landlords can easily access their account 24/7 to submit a meter reading, change their Direct Debit, make a payment, or book a repair.

In addition to their online services, British Gas provides multiple ways for landlords to contact their customer support team. They can be reached by phone through their dedicated helpline, and call charges to 03 numbers are kept equal to calls to 01 or 02 numbers. (British Gas may record calls to improve their service offerings.)

Regarding technical assistance, British Gas offers HomeCare packages designed to protect rental properties, explicitly covering aspects like the boiler, central heating, plumbing, drains, and electrics. These packages include essential services such as annual Gas Safety Certificates and emergency repairs, ensuring landlords can confidently provide their tenants with a safe and comfortable environment.

Comparisons with Competitors

British Gas boiler landlord cover is a popular option for landlords who want to ensure the boilers in their rental properties are well-protected. However, it is essential to compare it with other available options in the market to make an informed decision.

One competitor to consider is Home Emergency Assist, which offers boiler cover for landlords at a competitive price. Like British Gas, their policy covers repairs, boiler servicing, and customer support.

When comparing British Gas Landlord Boiler Cover with its competitors, it is vital to consider factors such as price, coverage, response times, and customer service. This information will enable landlords to choose the most suitable policy for their rental properties, keeping their tenants satisfied and ensuring their boilers remain in good working order.


When considering boiler cover for landlords, it is important to weigh the options and assess the needs of each rental property. British Gas offers Landlord Boiler Cover with various options, making it possible for property owners to find the right level of coverage based on their specific requirements and budget. In addition, they offer HomeCare services extending to boiler, central heating, plumbing, drains, and electrics across all rental properties.

With a comprehensive plan, landlords can safeguard themselves against unexpected breakdowns and ensure their property remains well-protected and compliant with regulations.

Ultimately, deciding to invest in British Gas Landlord Boiler Cover is up to individual landlords and should be made in light of their needs and circumstances. By carefully researching the options and providers available, property owners can make an informed decision and find the appropriate cover that offers peace of mind and benefits for their rental portfolio.











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