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Direct Line Landlord Boiler Cover Review: Pros, Cons & Deals

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Direct Line, a well-known insurance provider, offers a specialised service for landlords called Landlord Boiler Cover. The policy is specifically designed to meet the needs of landlords who require reliable coverage for their property’s boiler and heating systems. Direct Line’s award-winning policy allows swift and efficient solutions for boiler problems, minimising inconvenience for landlords and tenants by providing a sense of security.

Overview of Direct Line Landlord Boiler Cover

As part of Direct Line’s Landlord Buildings Insurance, boiler cover covers repair costs if the boiler breaks down or, if necessary, covers replacement costs. This specialised policy protects landlords from the unforeseen costs of boiler repairs and breakdowns in their rental properties, ensuring that their heating systems are well-maintained and functioning correctly.

The cover does not cover problems due to normal wear and tear. It does not function as a call-out service, and a £200 excess applies to claims under this coverage.

Landlords can expect:

  • Coverage for boiler repair costs, as long as the damage is not due to wear and tear. In cases where it’s more economical, the policy may cover boiler replacement costs if the damage is beyond repair.
  • Inclusion of other aspects of central heating systems, depending on the landlord’s chosen policy level.

Direct Line also offers Landlord Emergency cover for various other emergencies in a rental property. This comprehensive plan covers everything from plumbing and heating issues to lost keys and security breaches. It guarantees that certified contractors will be promptly sent out to address emergencies. Direct Line is committed to serving the distinct needs of landlords by providing valuable peace of mind in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Key Features of Direct Line Landlord Boiler Cover

24/7 Breakdown Cover

Direct Line offers comprehensive boiler cover for landlords, providing 24/7 breakdown support for your rental property’s boiler. With their round-the-clock service, no matter what time of day your boiler has a problem, it will be dealt with promptly, minimising disruption for your tenants and reducing potential risks associated with a faulty boiler.

Choice of Excess Fees

No one likes excess fees, but Direct Line’s Landlord Boiler Cover allows you to choose an excess fee that meets your needs and budget. This flexibility lets you strike the right balance between policy cost and the financial protection you get should your boiler break down.

Annual Boiler Service

Direct Line also includes an annual boiler service as part of their landlord boiler cover. This regular maintenance helps to keep your boiler running efficiently and safely, potentially extending its lifespan and reducing the risk of future issues.

Hotel Accommodations

Direct Line provides hotel accommodations for tenants up to £300 (inc. VAT)  if their residence is inhabitable.

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Benefits of Direct Line Landlord Boiler Cover

Peace of Mind

Direct Line is a reliable company whose Landlord Boiler Cover offers peace of mind. Landlords know their boilers are protected in case of a breakdown or other technical issue. The policy reduces financial concerns and worries about unexpected repair expenses.

Immediate Assistance

Direct Line’s 24/7 breakdown support means that once contacted, they will send a qualified engineer to assess and deal with the issue immediately. This prompt response minimises the inconvenience caused for both the landlord and the tenant, ensuring that heating and hot water are restored promptly.

Qualified Engineers

Direct Line takes pride in the quality of service they provide, and they work with a network of qualified engineers who are trained and experienced in handling various boiler problems. Landlords can trust that the repairs carried out will be of high standards.

Unlimited Claims

The landlord emergency cover allows for unlimited claims with a coverage of up to £1,500 (inc. VAT) per claim. Tenants can also make claims on behalf of the landlord, adding a layer of convenience.

Purchasing a Direct Line Landlord Boiler Cover

Direct Line offers landlord boiler cover as part of their landlord insurance services. This policy protects landlords from unexpected and costly boiler breakdowns in their rental properties.

To purchase a Direct Line Landlord Boiler Cover, follow these steps:

  1. Visit Direct Line website: Access the Direct Line for Business website to find their range of landlord insurance services, including boiler cover options.
  2. Get a quote: Fill in the necessary details about the rental property and the desired level of coverage to receive a quote.
  3. Choose the appropriate coverage level: Compare the available policy packages and their features, ensuring the option suits your property needs.
  4. Purchase the policy: Follow the online process to complete the purchase, or contact Direct Line’s customer service for further assistance.

Claims and Experiences

Landlords must regularly review their boiler cover policy, confirming it meets the property’s and tenants’ needs. It also familiarises the landlord with the procedures for making a claim.

Direct Line has a transparent and informative approach, contributing to an overall sense of trust and reliability. Direct Line customers generally report a positive experience when making a claim—the company is committed to keeping their clients informed throughout the claims process. They provide quick responses when claims are registered, provide clear instructions, and manage expectations throughout the process.

Things to Consider

Direct Line Landlord Boiler Cover offers insurance for landlords if their property’s boiler breaks down, covering the cost of repairing or, in some cases, replacing it. However, there are a few drawbacks to consider when deciding whether this product is the best choice for your needs.

One potential drawback is that Direct Line Landlord Boiler Cover may not cover all aspects of your property’s heating system. Some policies only cover the boiler, excluding pipework issues and radiators1. It may be necessary to explore other options or choose an additional add-on to ensure adequate protection if you require a more comprehensive policy that covers the entire heating system.


Direct Line offers landlord boiler cover as part of their award-winning landlord buildings insurance, providing financial protection for landlords in case of boiler breakdowns or irreparable damage. In addition to boiler cover, the insurance policies offered by Direct Line include a range of features, such as coverage for the entire central heating system - including heat pumps, pipework, radiators, and annual boiler servicing and gas safety certificates.

The cover helps landlords manage repair and replacement costs, allowing them to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for their tenants. Direct Line’s comprehensive approach ensures that landlords have peace of mind knowing their properties are well-protected and compliant with legal requirements.

Ultimately, investing in landlord boiler cover, such as the one offered by Direct Line, is a precautionary measure and a long-term investment in the maintenance and upkeep of buy-to-let properties. By ensuring the effective functioning of boilers and central heating systems, landlords can focus on providing comfortable living conditions for their tenants and safeguarding the value of their investments.


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