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How to Reset a Worcester Bosch Boiler: A Simple Guide

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Worcester Bosch boilers are well-known for their efficiency and reliability, but like any other appliance, they can occasionally experience issues requiring a reset. A reset can resolve minor malfunctions and restore the boiler's performance to full capacity in several instances. Understanding how to reset a Worcester Bosch boiler can save you a substantial amount of time and effort in organising a visit from an engineer.

Resetting a Worcester Bosch boiler is a quick and straightforward process. The reset button is typically located on the boiler's front panel and only takes a few seconds to engage. Before resetting the boiler, it is essential to determine the fault code being displayed, as continuous resetting may sometimes lead to more significant issues.

Keep in mind that while resetting a boiler may often resolve minor faults, it is crucial to seek assistance from a professional if the problem persists or worsens. Expert support can help prevent any further damage to the boiler and ensure its safe and efficient operation.

Understanding Your Worcester Bosch Boiler

Components and Functions

Worcester Bosch boilers are known for their efficiency and reliability. They comprise various components that work together to provide heating and hot water for your home. The main components include the heat exchanger, burner, gas valve, expansion vessel, and the boiler's control panel.

The heat exchanger transfers heat from the burning gas to the water, while the burner combusts the gas. The gas valve controls the flow of gas into the burner, ensuring safe and efficient combustion. The expansion vessel maintains the correct pressure in the system by accommodating any excess water produced during heating. Finally, the control panel allows you to manage the boiler's settings, including temperature and timing.

Safety Precautions

When working with a Worcester Bosch boiler, it is essential to follow safety precautions to prevent accidents or damage to the appliance. Some necessary safety measures include:

  • Switching off the power supply: Before attempting any maintenance or resetting the boiler, ensure that the power supply is disconnected to avoid electrocution.
  • Regular servicing: Schedule annual servicing by a Gas Safe registered engineer to maintain your boiler's efficiency and avoid potential hazards caused by wear and tear.
  • Proper ventilation: Ensure that the boiler is installed in a well-ventilated area, as boilers need a constant supply of fresh air for safe combustion.
  • Carbon monoxide detector: Install a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm near the boiler to detect any potential CO leaks, as this gas can be fatal if inhaled in large quantities.
  • Gas safety: Familiarise yourself with the smell of gas and know the emergency number to call in case of a gas leak. Never try to repair a gas leak yourself; always call a Gas Safe registered engineer.

By understanding the components and functions of your Worcester Bosch boiler and adhering to essential safety precautions, you can ensure that your heating system operates efficiently and safely.

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Before You Get Started

Tools Required

Before beginning the process of resetting a Worcester Bosch boiler, it's essential to ensure you have the necessary tools on hand. While resetting the boiler doesn't require an extensive toolkit, you'll need the following:

  • A torch or flashlight to help you see in dimly lit spaces
  • A screwdriver or similar tool for opening the boiler's cabinet (if needed)

Prep Work

Before attempting to reset your Worcester Bosch boiler, it's important to follow a few preparation steps:

  1. Safety first: Turn off the boiler and wait for it to cool down completely before performing any maintenance. This helps reduce the risk of accidents.
  2. Consult the manual: Always refer to the boiler's user manual for specific instructions and guidance on resetting your model. If you no longer have the manual, you can often find it online.
  3. Diagnose the fault: Depending on the model, the boiler may display a fault code, which can help you determine the issue. If the problem persists after resetting, consult a professional heating engineer.

With these essential tools and safety precautions in place, you can proceed with resetting the Worcester Bosch boiler. Remember to follow the boiler's manual for the specific reset procedure for your model.

Instructions to Reset

A Worcester Bosch boiler might need resetting if it experiences temporary issues like a drop in water pressure, failure to ignite, or even display a fault code. Resetting the boiler can help in resolving these problems and restoring normal operation. Here are the necessary steps to reset your Worcester Bosch boiler.

Switch Off

First, locate the power switch on the boiler. Turn it off and wait a few seconds for the boiler's system to come to a complete stop. Switching off the boiler helps ensure safety and allows it to reset its internal components. Make sure you have access to the reset button, which is usually located on the front panel of the appliance.

Wait Period

Give the boiler some time to relax and reset its components. After switching off the boiler, it is recommended to wait for at least a few minutes before attempting to restart it. This waiting period allows the boiler to cool down and ensures that it is ready for a new start-up sequence.

Boiler Restart

After the waiting period has passed, you can now proceed to reset the boiler. Locate the reset button, typically found on the front panel of the appliance. Press and hold the button down for 3-5 seconds until it resets. Release the button and wait for another two minutes to allow the boiler to go through its start-up sequence1.

Observe the boiler and ensure it is operating normally. If the issue persists or the boiler still shows a fault code, it is recommended to contact a professional heating engineer for further assistance.

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Common Issues and Remedies

Error Codes

Worcester Bosch boilers may display various error codes when an issue arises. These codes can help diagnose the problem and determine the appropriate remedy. For instance, a common issue might be low boiler pressure, which can be identified by an error code such as 'EA' or 'E2' on your boiler's digital display. To resolve this issue, you may locate the filling loop and top up the system pressure if necessary.

Potential Faults

Some common faults that can occur with Worcester Bosch boilers are:

  1. Blocked heat exchanger: If you hear a whistling or gurgling noise coming from the boiler, it could indicate a blocked heat exchanger. In this case, it is recommended to have a professional technician clean and inspect the heat exchanger.
  2. Ignition failure: If your boiler fails to ignite, you might have a problem with the ignition system or a faulty gas valve. Resetting the boiler might resolve the issue; however, if it persists, contacting a professional technician is advisable.
  3. Overheating: If the boiler gets too hot, a safety mechanism will shut it down to prevent damage. This could be caused by a malfunctioning thermostat or an issue with the circulation pump. It is crucial to address this problem promptly to avoid further complications.

By familiarising yourself with these common issues and their remedies, you can help maintain the efficiency and performance of your Worcester Bosch boiler. However, if you encounter any issues beyond your expertise, it's always best to consult a professional technician for assistance.

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Final Tips

Resetting a Worcester Bosch boiler is often a simple process that can be done by following the steps we outlined earlier in the article. However, it's essential to keep in mind a few additional tips that can be helpful when handling your boiler.

Firstly, ensure that you are familiar with your specific boiler model's controls. While most Worcester Bosch boilers will have a reset button on the control panel, some models may have a reset light on the thermostat dial instead. In these cases, turn the dial down to reach the reset light and follow the manufacturer's instructions for resetting.

Additionally, while resetting your boiler, make sure to hold the reset button down for at least 3-5 seconds. This duration ensures that the boiler is correctly reset and can resume normal operation. After resetting the boiler, wait for two minutes to allow the appliance to complete its start-up sequence before checking if it is working correctly.

Another crucial tip is to keep an eye on your boiler's pressure level. Maintaining the appropriate pressure is vital for your boiler to function efficiently. If you are resetting the boiler frequently due to low or high pressure, it may be necessary to consult a professional to fix the pressure issue.

Lastly, regular maintenance and servicing of your Worcester Bosch boiler are crucial in prolonging its lifespan and ensuring its efficient operation. Schedule yearly servicing and inspection with a qualified engineer to detect any potential problems and prevent them from escalating. Remember, proper care and attention to your boiler will help to avoid the need for constant resetting and ensure a long-lasting, efficient heating system in your home.

When to Call a Professional

In some cases, resetting a Worcester Bosch boiler may not resolve the issue, and it becomes necessary to call a professional for assistance. There are certain situations where professional help is recommended, and knowing when to call an expert can save time and prevent further damage to the boiler.

One instance in which you should call a professional is if the boiler consistently trips the power supply after resetting. This could be an indication of a more serious problem with the electrical components of the system. Attempting to fix this yourself may not only be dangerous but may also void the boiler's warranty.

Additionally, if the boiler displays an error code that cannot be resolved by following the resetting instructions, it is advisable to seek professional help. A technician can diagnose the cause of the error code and troubleshoot the issue effectively.

Another reason to call a professional is if the boiler starts leaking water or making unusual noises, such as banging or whistling sounds. These could be signs of a broken component or blockage within the system, and a trained technician can identify the root cause and carry out the necessary repairs.

In conclusion, some situations warrant expert intervention, and attempting DIY repairs may lead to further issues and invalidate the warranty. Always consult the boiler's manual or contact the manufacturer's customer support for guidance when in doubt. For peace of mind and safety, rely on professional help when needed.


Resetting a Worcester Bosch boiler can be a straightforward process to address common issues and restore the boiler's functionality. To reset the boiler, locate the reset button, typically found on the front panel of the appliance. Press and hold the button down for 3-5 seconds until it resets, then wait for two minutes to let the boiler go through its start-up sequence.

However, not all boilers have a visible reset button. If you cannot find the button or are unsure about performing the reset, it is advisable to consult the boiler's instruction manual or contact a professional heating engineer for assistance.

It is essential to remember that resetting the boiler should be regarded as a temporary solution to minor issues. Should your boiler experience persistent problems or demonstrate signs of improper functioning after a reset, seeking expert advice from a trained heating engineer is highly recommended. This action ensures the safety of your home and the optimal performance of your Worcester Bosch boiler.


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