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uSwitch Boiler Cover Review: Pros, Cons & Best Deals

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Uswitch boiler cover is an online platform to help consumers compare and select the most suitable boiler and heating coverage. For many, boiler cover is an essential part of home maintenance. It provides homeowners peace of mind by covering the costs of servicing their boiler and heating systems. With various options available in the market, choosing the right policy can be challenging.

Uswitch boiler cover service streamlines finding and comparing boiler insurance policies, ensuring homeowners can secure the best coverage options. The platform's user-friendly interface and informative resources make selecting boiler and heating insurance stress-free and efficient for UK residents.

With Uswitch, you can quickly find comprehensive boiler cover deals from several providers with different levels of coverage, allowing you to choose the most appropriate coverage for your home by factoring in call-outs, parts, and labour costs. Uswitch also offers valuable information on boiler maintenance contracts, making it easy for homeowners to make informed decisions about their boiler's upkeep.

Understanding Uswitch Boiler Cover

When comparing boiler and heating insurance prices, it is essential to consider the factors that each plan covers, such as call-outs, parts, and labour costs. Uswitch allows you to compare plans and tailor them to your needs, making finding boiler cover more straightforward. They offer various boiler cover options that can help protect homeowners from costly repairs and maintenance.

On the Uswitch platform, homeowners can find several options for protecting their heating systems, ensuring they don't go without hot water, particularly during the coldest months. Using Uswitch, customers can confidently choose a boiler cover plan that suits their needs and budget.

Different boiler cover plans are available for you to review on Uswitch. Some plans protect only the boiler; others may include coverage for the entire heating system, including hot water. Adding protection relating to plumbing, electrics, and drains is also possible.

Importance of Boiler Cover

Boiler cover is insurance that either fully or partially covers the cost of repairing your boiler for a monthly or annual fee. It is a valuable investment for homeowners, as it ensures the efficient functioning of the heating system and provides peace of mind in case of repairs or breakdowns. Even having a basic boiler cover plan can help mitigate unexpected expenses.

Unforeseen repairs can be financially burdensome, and having a comprehensive boiler cover plan can help ease those costs. When a boiler breaks down, particularly during colder months, it can cause significant disruption to everyday life. Boiler cover plans often include access to qualified engineers who can quickly address the issue, ensuring the home stays warm and comfortable.

Boiler cover plans can vary greatly in what they provide, so choosing a plan that meets individual needs is essential. Some plans only cover the boiler and controls, while others may include the entire central heating system. Uswitch can help you understand the main elements of each plan and will aid you in making informed decisions when comparing them.

Boiler cover is a practical way to protect a home's heating system, offer financial security, and provide peace of mind during boiler-related issues. It is essential for homeowners to thoroughly research and compare plans to find the best fit for their needs and budget.

Features of Uswitch Boiler Cover

Uswitch offers a thorough comparison of various boiler cover deals, making it easy to find a suitable one that will work best for you.

The ability to compare multiple plans side by side is the most significant benefit of using Uswitch when shopping for boiler covers. These plans have options that may include different excess fees, the number of call-outs, and annual service requirements. For example, some boiler cover plans available on Uswitch include an annual service. In contrast, others may charge a fee for each call-out.

Our Recommended Best Buy

We've extensively reviewed over 30 boiler cover providers and our recommended best buy is YourRepair. Rated 4.3/5 stars on TrustPilot, they are our top pick, offering the best combined value and customer service.

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Uswitch boiler cover plans are independent of energy suppliers. You can switch your gas and electricity providers without impacting the boiler cover. This gives you the flexibility to search for the best energy deals.

Uswitch offers additional guidance on factors to consider when choosing the right boiler cover for your home. You can make an informed decision, considering things like call-out charges, parts and labour costs, exclusions, no-claim periods, and other features like 24-hour assistance, fast call-out response, or requiring regular servicing to maintain coverage.

Uswitch boiler cover offers a user-friendly platform to compare a wide range of boiler cover plans. It allows you to find the best option for keeping your boiler well-maintained and ensuring prompt assistance if any issues arise.

One of the popular choices is the EDF BoilerCare Gold, which offers the first three months at half price and includes an annual service. The cost per call-out is £95 and provides unlimited call-outs. This plan gives you complete coverage with manageable excess fees.

Procedure to Get a Uswitch Boiler Cover

The first step to obtaining a boiler cover from Uswitch is to compare boiler cover deals on the Uswitch website. Look through the various options and consider factors such as the level of cover, additional protection for plumbing and electrics, and the plan's cost.

After selecting a suitable boiler cover plan, follow the link to the cover provider's website, where you'll typically be asked to enter personal details such as your name, address, and contact information. Additionally, you might need to supply information about your boiler's make, model, and age.

Once you've entered the required information, you'll receive a quote for the boiler cover. Carefully reviewing the terms and conditions ensures the plan meets your expectations and requirements.

If you're satisfied with the quote and plan details, proceed to the payment page to set up a direct debit or make a one-time payment for the boiler cover. Keep in mind that the costs and payment methods may vary depending on the provider you've chosen.

You should receive confirmation and documentation from the boiler cover provider upon successful payment. Be sure to store these documents safely, as they may be needed to file a claim. It's also recommended to familiarise yourself with the claim process and contact details for the boiler cover company so that you're prepared if you ever require their services.

The Uswitch comparison feature simplifies decision-making when searching for a boiler cover. The links to the providers make getting a quote, signing up, and paying for insurance quick and easy.

Factors Affecting Boiler Cover Cost

Several factors impact the cost of a boiler cover policy, and being aware of these can help you make informed decisions about which policy is best for you.


  • Level of Coverage: One crucial aspect that influences boiler cover cost is the level of coverage provided. Basic plans typically only cover the boiler itself and its controls. At the same time, more comprehensive policies may include the central heating system, plumbing, and even electrical wiring—the more comprehensive the coverage, the higher the premiums. For example, some plans offer unlimited call-outs and parts and labour costs for £3.50 per month.
  • Age and Make of Boiler: The age and make of your boiler also play a role in determining the cost of cover. Older boilers may require more frequent maintenance and are more likely to break down, resulting in higher premiums. On the other hand, newer boilers with better energy efficiency and fewer issues can often secure lower-cost policies.
  • Excess Charges: Excess charges are another factor to consider. Some boiler cover policies require you to pay an excess fee for each call-out or repair, which can significantly affect cost. For instance, EDF BoilerCare Gold has a £95 excess charge per call-out. When comparing policies, it is essential to weigh monthly premiums and the excess charges to determine which plan offers the best value.
  • Choice of Provider: The choice of provider can also impact the cost of boiler cover. Different providers may offer varying service levels, benefits, and reputations, so comparing multiple options is worthwhile before choosing a policy. Don't forget to read the policy documents carefully and check for any exclusions that might affect your coverage.

Limitations and Exclusions

Boiler cover plans or insurance policies help when facing unexpected boiler breakdowns or issues. However, it is essential to understand the exclusions and limitations to avoid surprises down the line.

Some possible limitations and exclusions:

  1. Not all boiler cover plans include your entire heating system. While some plans offer additional protection for your plumbing, electrics, and drains at an extra cost, it is necessary to carefully examine the policy details to ensure they meet your needs.
  2. There may be limitations related to the age and type of your boiler. Older boilers, especially those beyond a certain age or with outdated technology, might not be eligible for some cover plans. Moreover, some policies might not cover non-standard or rare boiler types.
  3. There may be specific clauses regarding servicing and repairs. For instance, some policies may require using authorised service providers or having your boiler serviced annually to maintain your cover. Failing to comply with these terms could result in claim rejections or policy cancellations.

Before committing to a boiler cover plan, it is essential to carefully read the terms and conditions, inspecting the limitations and exclusions specific to each policy. This examination will ensure an informed decision that best suits your needs and avoids unforeseen costs or disappointments in the future.

FAQs About Boiler Cover

Is boiler cover affected by switching energy suppliers?

No, boiler cover plans are independent of energy suppliers, allowing you to switch your gas and electricity provider as often as needed without affecting your boiler cover.

What is covered with a boiler cover plan?

This depends on the type of coverage you purchase. Plans may fully or partially cover bills related to boiler repairs or replacement. Some plans offer additional protection for plumbing, electrics, and drains at an extra cost. It's essential to compare different plans and choose one that suits your needs and budget.

Do boiler insurance plans have limits on repair coverage?

Most boiler insurance policies do have a limit on repair costs, sometimes up to a specific amount like £1,500. When choosing a policy, consider the cost of replacing your current boiler and the maximum coverage provided by the insurance plan.

How do I find a reliable boiler cover provider?

Using the Uswitch website, users can compare boiler cover deals to find suitable plans and explore available options. For example, British Gas HomeCare is a popular boiler cover provider in the UK, offering protection for boilers, heating, electrics, plumbing, and drains as part of their HomeCare range.


Uswitch offers an easy-to-use platform that simplifies comparing boiler and heating insurance plans and prices. Customers can examine several plans to find one that suits their needs, from basic boiler service to comprehensive packages that cover central heating, plumbing, and wiring.

As a neutral and knowledgeable source, Uswitch provides helpful guides to support informed decision-making regarding boiler maintenance and cover plans. Choosing the appropriate boiler cover depends on individual preferences, needs, and budget. Considering these factors, homeowners can confidently select a boiler cover plan to provide comfort and peace of mind.

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