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Npower Boiler Cover: Essential Protection for Your Home Heating System

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Npower has been one of the largest gas and electricity suppliers in the UK for years, but it is now facing change as it becomes part of fellow Big Six supplier E.ON. With this merger, current and potential customers may have questions about the available services, such as boiler cover options. Taking out boiler cover is an important consideration for homeowners to ensure they can get their boiler fixed quickly and efficiently in the event of a breakdown, without having to worry about large unexpected repair costs.

One boiler insurance cover product offered by Npower was called HomeTeam 50, which provided an enticing feature of refunding 50% of your premiums if you didn't make a claim within a year. With the ongoing merger process, customers may be interested in exploring similar options with E.ON. E.ON has teamed up with HomeServe to provide boiler cover starting at just £7.99 a month in the first year, including a free service that usually costs £84.

Boiler cover not only protects homeowners from potentially expensive repair costs, but it also ensures that they have access to professional help when it's most needed. With various levels of boiler cover available, it is essential to carefully research and choose the policy that best meets one's specific needs and budget. By considering factors such as cost, service quality, and response time, homeowners can feel confident that they are making a wise choice when it comes to protecting their boiler and heating system.

What is Npower Boiler Cover?

Npower boiler cover is a type of insurance policy or service agreement that helps homeowners protect their boilers and central heating systems from unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs. Npower, which is now part of E.ON, offers various boiler and electrics coverage plans tailored to suit the needs of their customers.

One of the key benefits of Npower boiler cover is that they provide a free boiler service upon signing up for a plan. This ensures that the boiler is functioning efficiently and safely. In the event of a breakdown or issue, an engineer will visit your property to assess and repair the problem, depending on the plan's terms and conditions.

The pricing for Npower boiler coverage plans ranges from as low as £0.99 per month to £19.99 per month, giving customers the flexibility to choose the best level of protection for their needs and budget. These plans usually cover a variety of elements, such as the boiler itself, heating system controls, radiators, valves, and system pipework.

When considering Npower boiler cover plans, it is important to be aware of the exclusions and limitations that may apply. For example, some policies may not cover specific types or brands of boilers, or they may have restrictions on the age or condition of the system. By comparing boiler cover policies and understanding the terms and conditions, homeowners can make an informed decision on the most suitable boiler cover plan for their needs.

Benefits of Npower Boiler Cover

General Coverage

Npower Boiler Cover offers a comprehensive protection plan for your boiler and central heating system. The policy is designed to provide peace of mind in the event of a breakdown or malfunction, ensuring that necessary repairs and maintenance are carried out promptly and efficiently. One of the key advantages of Npower Boiler Cover is its wide range of coverage, including boiler, flue, hot water system, heating system controls, radiators, valves and system pipework, and gas pipes. This extensive coverage ensures that you are well protected against any unexpected issues with your home heating system.

Additional Services

In addition to the general coverage provided by Npower Boiler Cover, there are several additional services that can greatly enhance the value of the policy. For instance, many boiler cover plans also include an annual boiler service, ensuring that your boiler is maintained in optimal condition, reducing the risk of breakdowns and prolonging its lifespan. Moreover, Npower Boiler Cover also offers support through a dedicated helpline, providing quick assistance from knowledgeable experts to address any queries or concerns about your heating system. This level of commitment to customer service sets Npower apart from other boiler cover providers, making it a reliable choice for home heating protection.

Costs and Pricing of Npower Boiler Cover

Basic Plans

Npower offers customers a range of basic boiler cover plans specifically designed for homeowners seeking essential coverage for their boiler and heating system. These plans typically cater to those who are primarily concerned with boiler breakdowns and require access to a qualified engineer in case of emergencies. Basic plans often have a lower monthly fee as compared to premium plans, making them more affordable for customers with a limited budget. The exact cost of these plans can vary depending on factors such as the age and model of the boiler, as well as any additional coverage options that the customers might choose.

Premium Plans

For customers seeking more comprehensive coverage, Npower also provides a selection of premium boiler cover plans. These plans generally include added benefits such as an annual boiler service, central heating cover, and higher claim limits. Considering these additional features, premium plans have a higher monthly cost as compared to basic plans. The exact pricing of these plans is also dependent on factors such as the boiler's age and model alongside any additional coverage options selected by the customer. To get a better understanding of what each plan offers and figure out which one suits their needs, customers should carefully compare the features, benefits, and pricing of Npower's basic and premium boiler cover plans.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Npower has been one of the largest gas and electricity suppliers in the UK. However, it is now under the E.ON umbrella. Throughout its time as a standalone provider, Npower had a variety of customer reviews and ratings, which can still be helpful for current or prospective clients looking for insights into their boiler cover offerings.

One of the boiler cover plans Npower offered was the HomeTeam 50 Cashback Boiler Cover. This cover provided the attractive benefit of refunding 50% of the premiums paid if the customer did not make a claim within the year. However, it is essential to note that the HomeTeam 50 Cashback Boiler Cover is not available anymore due to the merger with E.ON.

In some cases, Npower's boiler cover plans have received negative feedback from customers. For instance, there was a Guardian Money report where a customer claimed that Npower would not carry out a £450 repair on their eight-year-old Worcester Bosch boiler because the cost of the repair exceeded Npower's estimate of the boiler's value. This particular case highlights the importance of understanding the terms and conditions of your boiler cover plan, regardless of the provider.

Boiler cover, in general, can help avoid substantial repair costs and provide peace of mind, especially if your boiler or central heating system is prone to failure. However, it may not be cost-effective for everyone, as the monthly payments can sometimes add up to more than the cost of an annual service and necessary repairs when needed.

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In summary, customer reviews and ratings of Npower's boiler cover plans, while diverse, offer valuable insights into their offerings. As the boiler cover landscape evolves with Npower's merge with E.ON, it remains essential for clients to research and compare various plans to find the best fit for their needs.

Comparison with Other Boiler Covers

Npower Vs British Gas

Npower boiler cover offers a range of plans for its customers. Like Npower, British Gas is another popular boiler cover provider in the UK. Comparing both, British Gas offers a slightly wider range of boiler cover options tailored to various customer needs.

One key difference between Npower and British Gas boiler covers is the use of Gas Safe registered engineers. While both companies guarantee a Gas Safe registered engineer for repairs, British Gas specifically employs more than 6,000 of its own engineering professionals.

When considering customer reviews and satisfaction, Npower and British Gas have shown mixed results. However, it is important to remember that customer satisfaction may vary based on individual experiences and preferences.

Npower Vs HomeServe

Another competitor in the boiler cover market is HomeServe. Similar to Npower, HomeServe offers a variety of boiler cover plans. However, HomeServe tends to focus more on central heating and plumbing coverage rather than just boiler-focused packages.

In terms of pricing, both Npower and HomeServe offer competitive rates, although the prices may vary depending on the level of coverage chosen. It's essential to compare quotes from both providers to find the best overall deal.

When comparing customer service, Npower and HomeServe have both received mixed reviews. However, it's crucial to consider individual experiences are subjective, and the quality of services may vary across the board.

Overall, it's important to thoroughly research and compare the different plans, pricing, and customer satisfaction levels before choosing a boiler cover provider. Remember to always consider your specific needs and requirements to find the perfect match for your boiler cover.

How to Apply for Npower Boiler Cover

Applying for Npower boiler cover is a straightforward process that ensures your boiler and central heating system receive the necessary servicing and repairs. With the right cover, you can enjoy peace of mind during the colder months, knowing that your home will stay warm and cozy.

Start by visiting the Npower website to compare the various boiler cover options available. These options may differ in price, features, and level of service, so be sure to carefully consider what best suits your needs. Some policies will cover just the boiler, while others extend to the entire heating system, including radiators and external components.

Once you have chosen the most appropriate boiler cover, you can proceed with the online application process. This typically involves providing basic personal information, such as your name, address, and contact details. In addition, you may need to provide details about your boiler, including its make, model, and age. Some insurers may require a recent boiler service report, which you can obtain from a Gas Safe registered engineer.

After completing the online application, you can expect to receive a confirmation email with further instructions and any necessary documentation. It's crucial to review these documents carefully and familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions of your chosen policy. This includes understanding any excess, claim limitations, and exclusions that may apply.

Finally, set up a payment method for your monthly or annual boiler cover premium. Most providers accept debit or credit card payments, and some may offer a discount for choosing an annual payment plan. Once your payment has been processed, your boiler cover policy will begin, providing protection and peace of mind.

Applying for Npower boiler cover should take approximately 10 minutes from start to finish, and the process is relatively simple. By carefully comparing policies and ensuring you select the right level of coverage, you can ensure your home stays warm and comfortable throughout the winter.

Npower Boiler Cover Policy

Npower offers boiler cover for its customers, ensuring they have peace of mind if their boiler breaks down. With a Npower boiler cover policy, customers can receive assistance from gas-safety registered engineers to assess and fix the issue.

There are several benefits to choosing Npower boiler cover, including:

  • 24/7 emergency helpline: Customers have access to a round-the-clock contact number to call if their boiler or central heating system experiences issues.
  • Annual service: Npower boiler cover includes an annual service, which can help identify potential issues early on and keep the boiler running efficiently.
  • Gas-safety registered engineers: Npower ensures all engineers are registered with the Gas Safe Register, which guarantees a high standard of workmanship and safety for customers.
  • Flexible coverage options: Depending on the needs and budget of the customer, there are various coverage levels to choose from, ensuring the policy caters to individual requirements.

Customers should be aware that Npower boiler cover, like many boiler insurance policies, may have some exclusions. It is crucial to carefully review the policy terms before making a decision. In addition, it is essential to regularly maintain the boiler, as failure to do so may result in the cover being invalidated.

With Npower boiler cover in place, customers can feel supported in the event of a boiler breakdown. By opting for a policy that meets their needs, they can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing their boiler will be promptly repaired by a qualified professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

Npower boiler cover is a plan designed to provide protection and maintenance for your boiler. Many customers have queries about the specifics of these plans. In this section, we shall address some frequently asked questions related to Npower boiler cover to provide you with a clearer understanding of what they offer:

1. What does the Npower boiler cover include? The boiler cover plans provided by Npower, now part of E.ON, incorporate a range of options with pricing starting from just £0.99 per month to £19.99 per month. For boiler coverage, you'll need to pay at least £7.99 per month. The plans usually cover the costs of calling out an engineer, and any parts required for repairs, and some even include a free boiler service during the first year of the agreement.

2. Can I get cash back on my Npower boiler cover plan? There used to be an offer called HomeTeam 50 cash-back, which allowed customers to receive 50% of their annual subscription back if no callouts or repair claims were made during the 12-month period. However, the availability of this cash-back offer might have changed with the transition of Npower to E.ON, so it is recommended to check their current plans and terms for any cash-back offers.

3. Are landlord boiler cover plans available? Yes, Npower does offer boiler cover for landlords, which is designed specifically to cater to rental properties. These plans help landlords maintain their boilers and heating systems efficiently, ensuring the comfort and safety of their tenants.

In conclusion, Npower boiler cover plans provide valuable protection for your boiler and heating system. By understanding the various options available and their pricing, you can make an informed decision that best suits your requirements.


In summary, Npower's boiler cover, also known as Hometeam 50 offers a unique benefit in terms of providing 50% refund on premiums if no claim is made within a year. This could be advantageous for homeowners looking for a cost-effective boiler insurance product. However, it is important to consider that boiler cover might not be financially worthwhile for everyone on a year-by-year basis, as found in some research.

It's crucial for consumers to compare boiler cover options and choose the best one to suit their specific needs and budgets.  By exploring various plans, homeowners can potentially save time and money while ensuring peace of mind in case of boiler breakdowns.

When it comes to boiler cover, it is always wise to examine the policy exclusions and the reputation of the provider before making a decision. With Npower now being a part of E.ON, customers can have access to a larger and more established company, possibly resulting in better customer service and technical assistance.

Overall, the decision to opt for Npower boiler cover or another provider should ideally be based on one's individual requirements, taking into account factors like premium cost, claim refund schemes, policy exclusions, and the reputation of the provider. By conducting thorough research and making informed choices, homeowners can achieve the optimal balance of cost and protection for their boilers.

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