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Aviva Boiler Cover: Comprehensive Protection for Your Heating System

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Aviva boiler cover offers homeowners peace of mind in the event of certain breakdowns of their boiler system at their property. By providing assistance and protection when needed, Aviva ensures that customers can have access to reliable heating and hot water without worrying about unexpected repairs or complications. As a leading insurance provider in the UK, Aviva offers a range of home and heating cover products to suit various needs, helping homeowners to stay warm and comfortable all year round.

The importance of boiler cover cannot be underestimated, as boiler breakdowns can happen at any time and cause significant inconvenience, especially during colder months. Aviva's Gas Boiler Breakdown Cover with excess caters to homeowners' specific requirements, ensuring that they have access to the right level of protection and assistance when needed the most. With this policy in place, customers can trust that their boiler will be promptly and efficiently repaired, reducing any possible downtime and inconvenience.

In addition to boiler cover, Aviva provides comprehensive home insurance, offering protection for homeowners' possessions, and coverage for a wide range of scenarios. From standard home insurance policies to optional add-ons, Aviva caters to the diverse needs of homeowners and allows them to tailor their coverage according to their individual requirements. No matter the circumstances, Aviva strives to help customers feel secure and confident in their home protection choices.

What Is Aviva Boiler Cover

Aviva Boiler Cover is a type of insurance policy designed to provide protection to homeowners in the event of boiler breakdowns. This cover is offered by Aviva, a well-established insurance company in the UK that provides various insurance products, including home, car, and life coverage.

One of the key features of Aviva Boiler Cover is the assistance it provides when a boiler breaks down at the insured property. The policy aims to ensure that homeowners have access to prompt and professional help, minimising the inconveniences caused by boiler-related issues. To make a claim, policyholders would need their insurance policy number, along with any relevant receipts, quotes, or invoices. Aviva operates a 24/7 emergency helpline, ensuring assistance is readily available when needed.

In more detail, the Aviva Gas Boiler Breakdown Cover with excess is a policy tailored to homeowners who require assistance in addressing certain boiler issues. This coverage is typically considered an essential service for maintaining the efficiency and functionality of the heating system.

It is important to note that the Aviva Boiler Cover policy has certain exclusions, and a thorough understanding of these limitations is essential for homeowners when deciding whether this coverage is appropriate for their needs. To assist homeowners in making an informed decision, Aviva has provided policy summaries that detail the cover's important aspects and exclusions.

Benefits of Aviva Boiler Cover

24/7 Emergency Helpline

Aviva Boiler Cover provides a 24/7 emergency helpline for customers who experience boiler breakdowns or issues. The helpline is staffed by knowledgeable professionals who can assist with any problems that arise. This ensures peace of mind and rapid response to any emergency boiler situations, helping homeowners to get their heating and hot water back on track as quickly as possible.

Home Rescue Service

Another benefit of the Aviva Boiler Cover is the inclusive Home Rescue Service. This service provides assistance to homeowners in the event of certain boiler breakdowns, as well as other emergencies, such as flooding or pests infestations. The Home Rescue Service aims to make the process of dealing with unexpected home emergencies a lot easier, helping homeowners to return to normal living conditions swiftly.

Annual Boiler Service

Aviva Boiler Cover also includes an annual boiler service, a preventive measure helping homeowners to maintain their boilers in good working condition. Regular servicing reduces the chances of boiler breakdowns, and ensures that the boiler runs efficiently and safely. This not only prolongs the life of the boiler but can also potentially save energy and reduce heating bills. The annual boiler service offered by Aviva is carried out by certified engineers, ensuring that homeowners receive a thorough and professional maintenance for their boilers.

Types of Boiler Covers Offered by Aviva

Aviva offers a Gas Boiler Breakdown Cover to provide assistance in the event of certain breakdowns of the boiler at the homeowner's property. This policy is designed to meet the needs of homeowners who wish to have a safety net in case their boiler faces issues or malfunctions 1.

The Gas Boiler Breakdown Cover with excess comes with a range of features to ensure homeowners have peace of mind when it comes to maintaining and protecting their boilers. Some of these features include:

  • A 24/7 helpline which offers support for addressing boiler-related issues and assists in arranging repair services from a qualified engineer when necessary.
  • Access to a nationwide network of Gas Safe-registered engineers for prompt and efficient boiler repairs.
  • Boiler servicing options for regular maintenance and upkeep of the boiler system, helping to prevent unexpected issues.

It is essential for homeowners to review the cover periodically to ensure it remains adequate for their needs. While Aviva offers a robust boiler cover policy, it's essential to compare it with other available options in the market, considering factors like price, coverage, and customer service.

Remember, boiler covers offered by Aviva are specifically tailored for homeowners. If you're a tenant or renter, you may want to explore other products, such as Tenants and Renters Insurance, to find appropriate coverage options for your living situation.

Cost of Aviva Boiler Cover

Initial Costs

When considering Aviva boiler cover, it is essential to be aware of the initial costs involved. This might include the installation or setting up the boiler system itself. It is essential to factor these costs into the overall budget for the boiler cover plan. Some boiler cover plans may also have an excess fee, which is an amount you will need to pay towards repair costs before the insurance covers the rest. For Aviva's Gas Boiler Breakdown Cover with excess, you can find more information in their policy summary.

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Monthly Premiums

Monthly premiums for boiler cover are another crucial factor to consider. The cost of Aviva boiler cover plans may vary depending on the level of protection and specific policy details. These premiums allow the boiler cover plan to provide assistance and support if certain breakdowns occur at the insured property. It is essential to carefully evaluate the monthly premiums and inclusions to ensure the plan meets your needs while fitting within your budget. For a better understanding of boiler cover and cost comparisons, you can visit the Money Saving Expert guide on boiler cover.

Ultimately, homeowners should carefully analyse the initial costs and monthly premiums associated with different boiler cover plans. It's crucial to make an informed decision that balances apropriate cover and budget requirements for home boiler systems, keeping in mind potential repair costs and excess fees.

How to Claim Aviva Boiler Cover

When facing a boiler breakdown and you have Aviva Boiler Cover, it is important to know the steps to make a claim. Following these steps will ensure a smooth and efficient process in getting your boiler repaired or replaced.

Firstly, before making a claim, have your insurance policy number and any relevant receipts, quotes, or invoices close by. This information will be necessary to provide during the claim process.

You can initiate a new claim online or over the phone. In case of an emergency, it is recommended to contact Aviva directly on 0345 030 6945, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This helpline will provide you with assistance and guidance on the best course of action for your specific boiler issue.

If you prefer to make a claim online, visit the Aviva claims website and select the appropriate product. The online claims process is easy to follow and will guide you through the necessary steps to make your boiler cover claim.

Upon submission of your claim, you can expect to be contacted by Aviva's appointed engineer or contractor. They will assess the situation, identify the problem, and provide a suitable solution for your boiler's issue.

Keep in mind that the scope of your boiler cover may vary depending on the specific policy and any optional add-ons you've chosen. It is essential to review your policy documents, which are available through the MyAviva portal, to ensure that your claim is supported by your chosen cover.

By following these steps and providing accurate information, you are on your way to making an effective claim with Aviva Boiler Cover, ensuring that your home stays warm and comfortable.

Exclusions in Aviva Boiler Cover

Aviva Boiler Breakdown Cover is designed to provide assistance to homeowners in the event of certain boiler breakdowns at their property. However, it is important to be aware of the exclusions in their policy to make sure it fits your needs. Some common exclusions found in boiler cover policies include:

  • Pre-existing faults: Issues that existed before your policy begins are usually not covered.
  • Age and condition of the boiler: There might be certain limits on the boiler age or its condition for the cover to be applicable. It is advisable to check with Aviva about their specific requirements.
  • Consequential loss: Any losses incurred as a result of a boiler breakdown, such as damage to belongings or additional living expenses, may not be covered by the policy.
  • Boiler servicing and maintenance: Regular boiler maintenance and servicing, including the replacement of consumable parts like filters, is not usually included in the boiler cover.

Additionally, certain parts of the boiler system might be excluded from the coverage. Examples include:

  • The flue system
  • Heating system controls
  • Radiators
  • Valves
  • System pipework
  • Gas pipe

More details about the specific exclusions can be found in Aviva's "Gas Boiler Breakdown Cover with excess" policy summary. As a homeowner, it is essential to review the policy periodically to ensure it remains appropriate for your needs and examine any changes to the boiler cover or the property itself.

Customer Reviews of Aviva Boiler Cover

Aviva boiler cover offers protection and peace of mind for homeowners in case of unexpected boiler breakdowns or issues. Many customers have shared their experiences with Aviva's boiler cover service, often highlighting the easy setup process and competitive pricing.

One customer on Trustpilot shared their appreciation for the reasonable pricing from Aviva, after their previous insurance provider informed them of a 52% increase in premium for the coming year. They also mentioned that the setup process with Aviva, which was carried out via Compare the Market, was very easy.

Another Trustpilot review mentioned that the customer has been an admirer of Aviva's services for many years. Although initially swayed by price when they first learned to drive, they returned to Aviva after finding its prices to be more competitive. This customer has had no accidents or claims within a decade and appreciates Aviva's first-class service.

When considering Aviva's boiler cover, it is essential to research and understand the policy's specific features and inclusions. Using comparison websites and reading customer reviews can help homeowners make an informed decision, ensuring they find a boiler cover policy that best suits their needs and budget.

Aviva Boiler Cover vs Competitors

In this section, we will compare the boiler cover offered by Aviva with those of their competitors, British Gas and HomeServe.

Aviva vs British Gas

Aviva offers a Gas Boiler Breakdown Cover with excess, designed to assist homeowners in the event of certain breakdowns of their boiler at their property. In contrast, British Gas offers a range of boiler cover plans, which can include central heating, plumbing, drains, and home electrics, depending on the chosen package.

Aviva's policy comes with an excess, meaning customers must contribute a specified amount towards any claims, whereas British Gas offers options with and without excess charges. Additionally, Aviva does not offer annual servicing as part of their boiler cover policy, while British Gas includes an annual boiler service within each of its plans.

Aviva vs HomeServe

HomeServe is another popular boiler cover provider who offers a variety of options, from basic boiler cover to comprehensive plans, including central heating, plumbing, electrical, and drainage systems. Unlike Aviva, HomeServe's plans often include an annual service for the boiler, which can help to maintain efficiency and prevent issues.

In terms of pricing, HomeServe frequently provides introductory offers, with lower monthly costs for new customers. For example, their boiler cover with a first-year service has a £8 per month introductory offer. However, it is important to note that if a claim is made, an excess charge may apply.

In summary, while Aviva provides a straightforward boiler breakdown cover with excess, other providers such as British Gas and HomeServe offer more comprehensive plans, which include an annual service and additional service options for home systems. Before choosing a boiler cover policy, homeowners should carefully consider their needs and budget to find the best option for their property.

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