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Baxi Boiler Cover: Get The Best Boiler Cover Deal For Your Baxi

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Baxi boiler cover is a valuable service for homeowners seeking peace of mind when it comes to their boiler's performance and efficiency. With a range of options available, Baxi boiler cover ensures that customers receive the necessary support and protection for their central heating systems. As one of the UK's leading boiler manufacturers, Baxi is committed to providing reliable and cost-effective solutions, backed by their award-winning customer support.

The boiler maintenance and support plans offered by Baxi include services such as annual boiler servicing, access to their Boiler Care portal, and repairs by Gas Safe engineers. These plans cater to different customer requirements, taking into account factors like the boiler's warranty status and homeowners' preferences. Moreover, Baxi's partnership with Domestic & General ensures comprehensive coverage for both in-warranty and out-of-warranty boilers through their Repair and Care Annual Plan.

By opting for Baxi boiler cover, homeowners can maintain their heating systems' efficiency and prolong their boiler's lifespan, ensuring a warm and comfortable living environment. With expert support and regular servicing, customers can minimise potential boiler issues, saving time and money while enjoying stress-free heating.

Essentials of Baxi Boiler Cover

Baxi Boiler Cover offers peace of mind for homeowners, ensuring their boiler is well maintained and protected in case of unexpected breakdowns. Baxi offers different Boiler Care plans tailored to the needs of customers. These plans provide essential services like maintenance hints, access to Boiler Care portal, and an annual service to keep the boiler in top condition.

When considering a Baxi Boiler Cover plan, it is essential to know whether your boiler is still within its warranty period. For boilers within the warranty period, you can opt for a plan that starts from £11.75 per month or an annual payment of £141. On the other hand, if your boiler is out of warranty, you can choose the Gold cover plan, starting from £19 a month. This option covers boilers that are less than 15 years old. Additional cover options, at an extra cost, are available for older boilers.

Regular maintenance is vital for the smooth functioning of your boiler. Baxi recommends cleaning your boiler's exterior with a soft, damp cloth and ensuring the required manufacturer’s clearances are maintained for proper operation and servicing. It is also essential to keep air vents, grilles, and flues free from blockages.

When selecting the best boiler cover, it's good to consider factors like the length of the contract, coverage of parts and labour costs, and any exclusions in the plan. This can prevent any unpleasant surprises in the future. Remember to research thoroughly and compare Baxi Boiler Cover plans with other available options to find the best fit for your needs and budget.

Types of Baxi Boiler Covers

Baxi offers two main types of boiler covers to cater for different needs and situations. These covers are designed to provide peace of mind while ensuring the optimal performance of your boiler.

1. Cover for Boilers In Warranty

The first type of cover targets boilers that are still within their warranty period. This cover ensures that, in the event of a breakdown or issue, the boiler will be repaired as per the warranty terms. Having this cover in place ensures that boiler maintenance is carried out in a timely and efficient manner throughout its warranty period.

2. Cover for Boilers Out of Warranty

The second type of cover caters to boilers that have exceeded their warranty period. Baxi offers Platinum boiler cover for boilers less than 15 years old, costing £21 per month or an annual payment of £252. This provides comprehensive protection to ensure that your boiler remains in optimal working condition without incurring exorbitant repair costs.

The Platinum cover typically includes call-outs, parts, and labour costs, as well as any extras included in the policy. However, cover for older boilers may come at an additional cost. It is essential to consider your boiler's age and condition when choosing the right cover option.

To summarise, Baxi boiler covers provide tailored solutions for boilers at various stages of their life cycle. Both in-warranty and out-of-warranty boilers can benefit from professional maintenance and servicing through these cover plans. With comprehensive policies, homeowners can ensure their boilers remain in excellent working condition, avoiding costly repairs and disruptions to their heating and hot water systems.

Benefits of Baxi Boiler Cover

Peace of Mind

Baxi Boiler Cover provides homeowners with a sense of security, knowing that their boiler will be well-maintained and serviced on a regular basis. With an annual service included in most plans, you can be confident that your boiler is functioning efficiently and safely. Moreover, if any issues do arise, you will have access to expert help and support.

Our Recommended Best Buy

We've extensively reviewed over 30 boiler cover providers and our recommended best buy is YourRepair. Rated 4.3/5 stars on TrustPilot, they are our top pick, offering the best combined value and customer service.

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Timely Repairs

One of the key advantages of Baxi Boiler Cover is the prompt response to any potential boiler problems. In the event of a breakdown or malfunction, having a cover ensures that you will receive priority service, minimising disruption and inconvenience in your home. Some plans, such as the Gold service, even offer up to £1,500 of repairs and a replacement boiler if necessary.

Qualified Professionals

When choosing Baxi Boiler Cover, you can trust that any repairs or maintenance work will be carried out by professional Gas Safe engineers. This guarantees that all work on your boiler meets the highest safety and quality standards. From regular services to emergency repairs, you can rely on the expertise and competence of Baxi's skilled team to keep your boiler running smoothly.

Comparing Baxi Boiler Covers

Baxi boiler covers provide homeowners with protection and peace of mind in case their boiler encounters issues or needs repairs. They offer various plans depending on the age and warranty status of the boiler. Below are several Baxi boiler cover options to consider for different scenarios.

For boilers still within their warranty period, Baxi provides a plan costing £11.75 per month, which equates to an annual payment of £141. This is a cost-effective solution for maintaining your boiler throughout its warranty period.

For those with out-of-warranty boilers, the Gold cover plan is available at £19 per month. This plan offers protection for boilers up to 15 years old, ensuring that your home's heating system remains reliable and efficient. Additional coverage for older boilers can be arranged at an extra cost.

When comparing boiler cover options from different providers, factors such as price, excess, callouts and annual service should be considered. For example, British Gas offers boiler and controls breakdown cover for a monthly cost of £3.50 and a callout excess of £99, but the annual service is not included in the package.

In contrast, the boiler cover from Your Repair is available from under £8 per month, with a lower excess amount. It is essential to evaluate the inclusions and exclusions in each boiler cover plan to determine the best value and suitability according to individual needs.

By thoroughly researching and comparing Baxi boiler cover plans against other providers, homeowners can make a well-informed decision that ensures the health and longevity of their boiler, while also accounting for their budget and specific requirements.

Cost Considerations for Baxi Boiler Cover

When considering Baxi boiler cover, it is crucial to weigh the options available in the market and consider the costs involved. Generally, there are two primary ways to ensure your boiler is maintained and covered for potential issues: maintenance plans and boiler insurance.

Baxi offers their Service & System plan for £14.00/month, which includes an annual service of your boiler and repairs up to the value of £750 for your system, including radiators and exposed pipework. This plan also gives you exclusive access to the Boiler Care portal and ongoing hints and tips to keep your boiler in good working order.

Boiler insurance is an alternative way to cover your Baxi boiler. With insurance costs ranging from £180 to £300 per year, it usually includes annual servicing and breakdown cover. Some popular options, like British Gas Boiler and Controls Breakdown Cover, offer unlimited callouts but do not include an annual service, and have a cost per callout (excess) of £99.

When choosing a Baxi boiler cover, it is essential to compare the features and benefits offered by each type of cover. Here are some factors you may want to consider:

  • Annual service: Keep in mind that the regular maintenance of the boiler is critical to its longevity and efficiency. Make sure the plan you choose includes an annual service.
  • Cost difference: Calculate the cost difference between insurance and maintenance plans. Does the possible saving outweight the benefits of being covered for more scenarios?
  • Repairs limit: Some plans have a limit on the value of repairs, while others have unlimited callouts. Consider the likelihood of needing extensive repairs and whether the plan you choose provides adequate coverage.
  • Excess fees: Some boiler cover plans may charge a fee per callout, making it an additional expense to consider in your decision.

Finally, do not hesitate to gather more information and read reviews on the available Baxi boiler cover options. Armed with this knowledge, you can make an informed decision and select the best cover for your Baxi boiler.

Things to Consider Before Buying

When deciding on a Baxi boiler cover plan, it's important to weigh the various factors that can impact your decision. Here are some key aspects to consider:

Firstly, assess the age and condition of your boiler. A newer boiler, typically installed within the last 5 years, may still be under the manufacturer's warranty, rendering additional boiler cover unnecessary. Baxi boilers currently come with warranties of up to 10 years, so take note of your boiler's warranty period.

Next, consider the level of cover you require. Baxi boiler cover plans come in different tiers, such as Gold and Platinum, each offering varying levels of coverage. For example, the Gold service includes an annual boiler service, up to £1,500 in repair costs, and the provision of a replacement boiler if necessary. In comparison, the Platinum plan adds central heating cover, which encompasses radiators and exposed pipes.

Another aspect to consider is the inclusion of annual boiler servicing. Most boiler cover policies require you to have a well-maintained boiler that has been serviced annually, or they may refuse to pay out. The cost of an annual boiler service typically ranges from £60 to £90, thus choosing a plan that includes boiler servicing can potentially save you money.

Finally, remember to compare prices and features of different boiler cover plans. With a variety of options available in the market, it's essential to conduct thorough research to find a plan that suits your specific requirements and budget. Comparing plans can also help you avoid being charged over the odds for boiler cover.

Common Misconceptions About Boiler Cover

There are a few misconceptions surrounding boiler cover that individuals might encounter when considering purchasing a policy. These misunderstandings can lead individuals to make ill-informed decisions or miss out on potential benefits.

One notable misconception is that boiler cover is the same as home insurance. However, boiler cover is a separate policy specifically catering to the needs of your boiler, unlike home insurance, which provides coverage for your property and its contents. It's essential to understand the distinction, so you adequately protect your home and its appliances.

Another common misunderstanding is that people have to get boiler cover with their current energy supplier. This is not the case. In fact, boiler cover plans are independent of your energy supplier, so you are free to choose any provider that offers the services you require.

There is also the false belief that having a boiler cover means you do not need regular servicing. While boiler cover may include servicing, it's vital to remember that regularly maintaining your boiler can extend its lifespan and prevent potential issues, thereby reducing the likelihood of claims.

Finally, people might overlook their boiler's manufacturer warranty, assuming they need to invest in separate boiler cover. However, some boilers come with manufacturer warranties that can range from one to ten years, offering repairs or replacement in case of faults.

Being aware of these misconceptions can help homeowners make informed choices when it comes to boiler cover, ensuring that their boilers remain in optimal condition and receive the necessary protection against unexpected malfunctions.

Where to Buy Baxi Boiler Cover

Purchasing Baxi boiler cover is a straightforward process, with several providers offering maintenance and support plans. A recommended option is to go directly to the Baxi website where you can find the Gold plan. This boiler cover includes an annual service on your boiler, ongoing hints and tips to keep your boiler in good working order, and repairs up to the value of £1,500 if your boiler fails the annual service or stops working. Baxi provides support and assistance 365 days a year through this plan.

In conclusion, Baxi boiler cover can be found through various outlets. By obtaining boiler cover, you can ensure that your boiler is maintained regularly and any necessary repairs are performed by qualified engineers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Baxi offers boiler and heating cover for their customers, providing support and maintenance to ensure the smooth functioning of their heating systems. In this section, we will address some of the commonly asked questions related to Baxi boiler cover.

1. What types of boiler cover does Baxi offer?

Baxi offers two primary boiler cover options: Gold and Platinum. The Gold service includes an annual boiler service, up to £1,500 in repairs, and a replacement boiler if your current one cannot be repaired economically. Meanwhile, the Platinum service offers all the benefits of Gold plus central heating cover for radiators and exposed pipes.

2. How do I arrange an annual boiler service?

When you sign up for a Baxi boiler cover plan, an annual service is included. You will have exclusive access to Baxi's Boiler Care portal, where you can schedule annual boiler services conducted by Gas Safe engineers. The service ensures that your boiler remains in good working order and meets all safety standards.

3. Are Baxi's boiler cover plans managed by Gas Safe engineers?

Yes, Baxi's boiler cover plans provide you with access to Gas Safe engineers who conduct annual services, repairs, and installations. These professionals are well-trained, experienced, and registered to perform gas-related work.

4. What should I do if I suspect a gas leak?

In case of a suspected gas leak, call the National Gas Emergency free on 0800 111 999. It is essential to act quickly, open doors and windows, turn off the gas at the meter (unless it's in a cellar or basement), and avoid using electronic switches or naked flames. Consult a Gas Safe registered engineer as soon as possible to check and fix the issue.

Keep these frequently asked questions in mind when considering Baxi boiler cover for your home. Baxi provides you with reliable, comprehensive support, and maintenance services to ensure your boiler and heating system remains efficient and safe throughout the year.


Baxi Boiler Cover offers two main plans for customers seeking protection and peace of mind for their boiler systems. The Gold policy provides comprehensive boiler cover, including repairs, replacements, and an annual service. The Platinum policy offers the same benefits with the addition of central heating cover for radiators and exposed pipes. Customers also gain access to the Baxi portal, featuring tips and hints on maintaining their boiler in optimal working conditions.

It is essential to weigh the costs and benefits of boiler cover, as some may find it unnecessary, especially if their boiler has a manufacturer's warranty. It is wise to check the warranty terms before opting for a boiler cover plan to avoid paying for redundant coverage.

In conclusion, Baxi Boiler Cover provides valuable protection and services for homeowners with Baxi boilers. Assessing one's boiler warranty, coverage requirements, and possible alternative insurance options can ensure selecting the most cost-effective and suitable solution. A confident choice can result in better boiler performance, extended lifespan, and overall satisfaction.

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