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Homeserve Boiler Cover: Pros, Cons & Best Deals

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Every household needs reliable heating, but unfortunately, boilers and heating systems can break down unexpectedly. Given the potential costs of repairs, it's only natural for many homeowners to seek a reliable and affordable safety plan.

Fortunately, HomeServe offers affordable protection plans specifically designed for boilers and central heating. Their plans cover specific gas boiler issues, and coverage starts at just £8 per month. Aside from providing fast repair assistance, policyholders also enjoy yearly maintenance checkups and discounts on new equipment.

However, HomeServe's services extend beyond boilers. They also offer plumbing and drainage coverage, electrical, and one-off home repairs. This comprehensive range of services lets customers protect their homes against unforeseen issues, ensuring a reliable and efficient service in times of need. 

Considering the benefits and affordability of HomeServe's gas boiler plan, it's easy to see why it appeals to households that rely on heating. Customers can also get a free boiler service for the first year, along with 24/7 assistance and up to £600 off when buying a new boiler. With such extensive coverage for essential systems, HomeServe is the perfect choice for homeowners and landlords.

Homeserve Boiler Cover Overview

HomeServe Boiler Cover is designed to assist homeowners with various boiler issues. They offer a range of plans to meet different customer needs, including essential coverage and more comprehensive packages.

One of the most important things their policies cover is boiler breakdowns that cut off heat and hot water. If your boiler stops working, they’ll arrange repairs so you can keep your home warm. The insurance also includes fixing issues with controls or internal components.

However, note that HomeServe Boiler cover does not cover faulty radiators or external water pipes under the standard plan.

If you are still on the fence, don’t be. HomeServe is recognised as a top boiler cover provider in the UK. Besides, their boiler cover is supported and underwritten by Aviva Insurance Limited, a major insurance company, ensuring customers get reliable and trustworthy boiler protection.

Overall, HomeServe Boiler cover gives peace of mind. If your system malfunctions, you don’t need to stress about the costs of repairs. HomeServe’s Boiler cover will step in to get your home’s heat and hot water back up and running. For reliable protection that fits your budget, HomeServe plans are a smart choice.

Features of Homeserve Boiler Cover

For any home, nothing is more than a reliable boiler, particularly during winter. That's why more homeowners opt for Homeserve Boiler Cover for peace of mind during unexpected breakdowns. If you decide to get a Homeserve Boiler Cover, expect these features.

Gas boiler breakdown protection

One key thing this plan covers is costly repairs if your boiler unexpectedly breaks down. Such breakdowns can leave you without heating and hot water, disrupting your daily routine. Fortunately, Homeserve will send out qualified engineers to address the issue. Also, HomeServe covers repairs for boiler controls and technical faults, ensuring your boiler works efficiently.

Free boiler service

In the first year, Homeserve boiler cover includes a free annual service valued at £96. This service helps catch minor issues before they become expensive failures, which helps contribute to its long-term performance and safety.

Exclusive packages for landlords

Homeserve's boiler cover isn't just for homeowners. They also provide exclusive packages for landlords. These plans cover boiler repair and protect against supply pipe gas leaks. We all know gas leaks can cause life-threatening issues and major problems, so it's great that this package for landlords covers these risks.

Reliable 24/7 customer support

Homeserve stands out for its 24/7 customer service. They are always ready to provide quick assistance when customers need it most. Their technicians can quickly handle emergencies or routine maintenance related to the covered systems.

Whether you want protection from unexpected breakdowns or want to stay on top of maintenance, Homeserve boiler cover has got you covered. With these services and dedicated customer support, HomeServe ensures customers get the help they need during unexpected situations.

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Cost of Homeserve Boiler Cover

Homeserve offers affordable boiler cover options to fit different budgets. Let's take a more in-depth look at their pricing structure.

Homeserve basic gas boiler plan is only £8 a month, with a £60 excess fee for repairs. This covers just the boiler but includes an annual maintenance check, which costs around £96. This ensures your boiler gets the proper care to perform well.

For those who want comprehensive coverage, you can go for the plan that includes the gas boiler and central heating. Priced at £13.50 per month, with the same £60 excess, you’ll get a free boiler service in the first year.

Prices may increase when renewing each year, but Homeserve will always notify you ahead of time. Regardless, the peace of mind Homeserve boiler cover provides is worth the cost. When issues occur, you know qualified help is just a call away.

If you're interested in Homeserve boiler cover, you can compare the different plans and latest deals available. You can also get multiple quotes before deciding. But for reliable boiler protection at a reasonable price, Homeserve is an excellent option.

Making a Claim with Homeserve Boiler Cover

Making a claim with a HomeServe boiler cover is a straightforward process. Here's what you need to know:

Contact homeserve

If you need to make a claim on your Homeserve boiler cover, contact Homeserve. As a customer, you can initiate the claim online through your MyHomeserve account. You can also file a claim, schedule an appointment with a technician, track your status, download your policy documents, and book maintenance checks on your account.

Claim processing time

Bear in mind that the time it takes to process your claim may vary. How complex the issue is and technician availability play a role. However, HomeServe responds quickly, so customers don’t go without heat or hot water for long. You can always check your online account for updates on where your claim stands, too. They'll assign you a specific technician to help with communication.

HomeServe Boiler Cover Reviews

As one of the biggest names in UK boiler protection, Homeserve has many online customer reviews. For instance, reviews on Trustpilot show that HomeServe offers reliable cover services.

In one review, a customer mentioned how punctual and professional the Homeserve engineers were. They described the engineers as personable, polite, and efficient at diagnosing and fixing issues quickly.

So, if you want to get a Homeserve boiler coverage, choose a plan that suits your home needs and budget. As stated earlier, plans start at just £8 a month with flexible options for excess payment and coverage. Whether you need coverage for your gas boiler, gas supply pipe, or even gas central heating, HomeServe has plans that suit your needs.

Even better, HomeServe highlights the different covers on its website. You will find the basic coverage and comprehensive options. That way, you can easily compare plans to know what each plan features.

Stay Informed

Before you commit to Homeserve’s boiler cover plans, review the terms and conditions of each policy. Reviewing the specifics beforehand lets you know what your preferred option contains.

Features like response times, coverage limits, and repair protocols matter. You want to feel confident and trust Homeserve to deliver if issues arise.

It’s also good to check your chosen plan for policy exclusions, as Homeserve may only cover some things. So, be aware of any limitations and always go for the right level of protection that best fits your needs and property.

In all, the feedback and reviews show that Homeserve delivers prompt assistance when issues arise. Their wide selection of plans also makes finding the right fit for your property easy.

Comparing Homeserve Boiler Cover to Competitors

If you must compare Homeserve to competitors, you should weigh two main things - the level of coverage each provides and the overall cost. Boiler cover isn’t for everyone since some homes may not need repairs often. So, you need to consider your situation and needs first.

Also, comparison websites don’t always do “like-for-like” analysis, making it difficult to determine which option stands out. Plus, there is no standardized coverage detail and pricing across providers. All you need to do is evaluate other competitors by comparing their offerings and reviews with Homeserve. After assessing and researching, ensure your preferred option suits your home’s age, current system, and budget.

Remember, you’re paying for a reliable service, so comparing Homeserve boiler cover to competitors might help you pick the ideal coverage.


Homeserve provides reliable protection whenever your gas boiler or heating system breaks down. Their various monthly plans start at £8 and allow you to choose a coverage level that suits your needs and budget.

One of the best things about HomeServe is that they offer various types of coverage, such as coverage for gas boilers, gas supply pipes, and central heating. Their breakdown protection also covers repairs, boiler controls and components, and gas leaks, providing peace of mind.

Compared to similar providers like British Gas, Homeserve stands as a top provider. But as with any insurance, you still need to compare the specifics and choose what’s essential to your home.

Besides, some research has found that for certain homes, paying annually for repairs and regular service checks may be more affordable than long-term boiler cover. So, a lot depends on your property and maintenance history.

With that in mind, you need to check your specific situation before choosing a boiler cover. Doing this beforehand can save you a lot of unneeded costs down the road.

Ultimately, Homeserve boiler covers are worth it, whether you want a basic cover or a comprehensive option. With so many homes relying on reliable heat, their plans can offer protection when you need it most.

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