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Homeserve Boiler Cover: Pro's & Cons Including Best Deals

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HomeServe boiler cover offers homeowners and landlords peace of mind with a range of plans for boiler and central heating system protection. With their comprehensive coverage, they ensure prompt assistance in addressing breakdowns or issues that may arise with boilers or heating systems. Customers can also take advantage of a free boiler service in their first year, as well as benefitting from 24/7 support and up to £600 off when purchasing a new boiler.

The affordable plans provided by HomeServe cater to properties using natural gas for heating, with the gas boiler cover plan starting at just £8 per month in the first year. This level of affordability, coupled with the benefits and discounts included, make HomeServe's offerings an attractive option for those seeking boiler and heating cover.

In addition to their boiler cover plans, HomeServe offers other home emergency insurance products and services, such as plumbing and drainage cover, electrics repair, and one-off home repairs. This enables customers to protect their homes against various unforeseen issues, ensuring a reliable and efficient service in times of need.

Homeserve Boiler Cover Overview

HomeServe Boiler Cover is designed to provide homeowners with protection and assistance for certain boiler problems, ensuring that they have consistent access to heating and hot water. HomeServe offers various plans to meet the differing needs of customers, ranging from essential cover to more comprehensive options.

One of the key features of HomeServe Boiler Cover is coverage for boiler breakdowns that result in a loss of heat and hot water. The cover also includes repairs to a boiler's controls and components, making sure that any technical faults can be addressed efficiently. However, it's important to note that some aspects, such as faulty radiators or external water pipes, are not covered in the standard plan.

HomeServe is a well-established provider of boiler cover in the UK and is recognised for offering an extensive range of plans that cater to differing levels of need. Their boiler cover is supported and underwritten by Aviva Insurance Limited, ensuring that customers can rely on a reputable and trustworthy source for their protection.

In summary, HomeServe Boiler Cover is a valuable option for homeowners seeking reassurance and assistance in the event of boiler breakdowns or technical issues. With an array of plan options and a strong backing from Aviva Insurance Limited, it's a reliable choice for those looking to safeguard their home's heating and hot water.

Features of Homeserve Boiler Cover

Homeserve Boiler Cover offers various benefits to homeowners seeking protection for their gas boiler and central heating systems. With options for both homeowners and landlords, this cover provides peace of mind in case of unexpected breakdowns or repairs.

A key feature of the Homeserve Boiler Cover is their protection for gas boiler breakdowns, which can lead to a loss of heating and hot water. This ensures that customers can quickly restore their boiler's functionality and resume their daily activities. Additionally, Homeserve covers repairs for boiler controls and components, addressing technical faults and ensuring the boiler operates efficiently.

Another notable benefit is the free boiler service included in the first year for customers, valued at £96. This service is essential for maintaining a well-functioning boiler system and contributes to long-term performance and safety.

Landlords can also benefit from exclusive packages designed to meet their specific needs. These packages not only cover the boiler but also provide protection against leaking gas supply pipes, which can significantly impact the property's safety.

Homeserve stands out for its 24/7 customer service, ensuring that customers receive prompt assistance whenever they need it most. Their technicians are readily available to address any emergencies or issues related to the covered systems.

In summary, the Homeserve Boiler Cover provides comprehensive protection for gas boilers and central heating systems. Key features include breakdown coverage, repairs for controls and components, a free boiler service in the first year, and landlord-specific packages. With these offerings and a dedicated customer service team, this cover ensures customers receive the support they need when unexpected situations arise.

Cost of Homeserve Boiler Cover

HomeServe offers a variety of boiler cover options to suit different needs and budgets. One of their plans covers just the gas boiler, costing £8 per month, with an excess of £60. This plan includes a boiler service in the first year, which is worth £96. HomeServe also provides a more comprehensive plan that covers both the gas boiler and central heating, for £13.50 a month, with the same £60 excess. This plan also comes with a free boiler service in the first year.

The price of your boiler cover plan with HomeServe may increase upon renewal, but you will always receive a reminder to inform you of any changes. It's important to note that for many, the benefits of a boiler cover plan outweigh the costs. HomeServe's plans provide peace of mind and assurance that help will be available when needed.

HomeServe is one of the largest providers of boiler cover in the UK, with a range of plans designed to suit various levels of need. The company also provides one-off repairs, with most repairs coming with a 12-month guarantee. If you're interested in their services, you can check out their current offers and latest deals for more information on the various cover plans and discounts available.

Making a Claim with Homeserve Boiler Cover

Contacting Homeserve

If you need to make a claim with HomeServe boiler cover, the first step is to get in touch with the company. As an existing customer with a MyHomeServe account, you can quickly initiate the claim process online. The online platform allows you to make a claim, book a Home Expert, track and change appointments, view and download policy documents, and book your boiler service or boiler health check.

Claim Processing Time

Once you have submitted your claim with HomeServe, it is essential to know that the processing time may vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the issue and the availability of experts. Despite the differences in processing time, HomeServe strives to provide a swift and efficient response to its customers, helping keep their radiators warm and their water piping hot. Customers can stay updated on the claim's status by monitoring their MyHomeServe account and communicating with the Home Expert assigned to them.

HomeServe Boiler Cover Reviews

HomeServe is one of the largest providers of boiler cover in the UK, offering various plans to suit different budgets and requirements. Based on customer reviews, HomeServe has emerged as a reliable choice for homeowners seeking boiler cover. For instance, a Trustpilot review highlights that Homeserve engineers are punctual, personable, polite, and efficient.

When considering HomeServe boiler cover, potential customers have options that cater to various needs. They offer plans with monthly payments starting at £8, with varying options for excess payment and coverage. These plans could include coverage for the gas boiler, gas supply pipe, and even gas central heating, as seen in one of their boiler cover comparison pages.

HomeServe has plans for basic coverage as well as more comprehensive options. Thus, it allows customers to choose the level of coverage that suits their unique circumstances.

It is essential for homeowners exploring HomeServe boiler cover to review the terms and conditions associated with their chosen plan. Investigating these details guarantees that customers are well-informed about what they can expect when relying on HomeServe for their boiler cover needs. Additionally, customers should be aware of any policy exclusions, as to make an informed decision about their coverage.

Comparing Homeserve Boiler Cover to Competitors

Homeserve offers a variety of boiler cover plans to meet the needs of homeowners. With plans starting from £8 per month, customers can choose the level of cover that best suits their needs. The Gas Boiler plan includes cover for your gas boiler and gas supply pipe, with an excess of £60. This plan also offers a free boiler service in the first year, worth £96.

Another option provided by Homeserve is the Gas Boiler and Central Heating plan, which costs £13.50 per month with a £60 excess. This plan covers the gas boiler, gas supply pipe, and gas central heating system, providing comprehensive protection for your home's heating needs. Again, a free boiler service in the first year, valued at £96, is included in this plan.

When comparing Homeserve to competitors, it is essential to consider the level of cover provided and the overall cost. For instance, boiler cover may not be necessary for many people, as it can be financially worthwhile for only a few individuals. Therefore, it is crucial to evaluate one's own needs before purchasing boiler cover.

Many comparison websites do not offer a 'like for like' analysis when comparing boiler cover plans, making it challenging to determine which option is the best.

In conclusion, there are numerous factors to consider when selecting the best boiler cover plan. Homeserve offers a variety of options, but it is essential to compare their offerings with competitors to ensure that the chosen cover plan matches one's individual needs.


HomeServe boiler cover provides protection for homeowners when their gas boilers and central heating systems experience a breakdown. Offering different levels of cover starting at £8 a month, homeowners can select the plan that best suits their needs and budget.

One of the key selling points of HomeServe is their extensive range of cover options, including gas boiler, gas supply pipe, and central heating coverage. Moreover, their boiler breakdown cover also includes repairs to boiler controls and components, as well as addressing issues with a leaking gas supply pipe.

In comparison to other boiler cover providers, such as British Gas, HomeServe has been found to be a strong contender for the top position. Both companies offer comprehensive coverage, but ultimately it depends on individual preferences and requirements when choosing the right provider.

However, it is important to assess whether boiler cover is cost-effective for each homeowner's unique situation. Research has shown that boiler cover may not always be the most cost-effective option; sometimes, paying for an annual service and repairs when required may be more economical. It is, therefore, crucial for homeowners to carefully evaluate their specific needs and maintenance history before committing to a boiler cover plan.

In summary, HomeServe offers a range of boiler cover options designed to meet the varying needs of homeowners. It is essential for individuals to evaluate their circumstances and make an informed decision when choosing the right boiler cover plan to ensure a comfortable and warm living experience.

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