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Compare the Market Boiler Cover: Deals, Pros & Cons

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When it comes to protecting your home's heating system, finding comprehensive and affordable boiler cover is essential. With the vast range of boiler cover policies available, homeowners can ensure that their heating system runs efficiently all year round. Comparing the market for boiler cover plans helps homeowners find the most suitable option for their specific requirements, ultimately providing peace of mind.

Boiler cover policies vary in terms of coverage and price, so researching and comparing these options is crucial in finding the best deal. Some policies only cover the boiler itself, while others extend to components such as radiators and pipework. By comparing the market, homeowners can identify the most appropriate level of cover for their home's heating system and budget.

In summary, regularly reviewing boiler cover options and comparing them is a valuable exercise for homeowners. By doing so, individuals can secure a suitable and competitively priced policy that will safeguard their home's heating system, helping them avoid costly repairs and unexpected breakdowns.

Understanding Boiler Cover

Boiler cover refers to an insurance policy purchased to help with the costs of repairing or replacing a broken boiler. There are various types of boiler cover available, making it essential to understand your options before choosing the appropriate plan for your needs.

The most basic level of cover is boiler-only cover. This option typically has the lowest cost and solely covers the boiler itself. It's an excellent choice for those seeking protection for their boiler without wanting too many additional extras.

For more extensive coverage, you may opt for boiler and central heating cover. This policy covers not only the boiler but also the central heating system, including pipes, radiators, and pumps. This type of coverage ensures comprehensive protection for both the boiler and the entire central heating system, providing you with peace of mind.

Finally, for the most comprehensive home breakdown package, some opt for a full home care plan. This type of policy covers the boiler and central heating system, along with plumbing, drains, and electrics. It provides the ultimate peace of mind for homeowners by offering coverage for a wide variety of potential issues.

In summary, understanding the different types of boiler cover options is crucial when choosing the best insurance policy for your needs. It's important to weigh the benefits of each option while factoring in the costs to ensure that you select the most suitable plan for your home. Remember to read the policy details carefully and consider your specific needs before making a decision.

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The Market for Boiler Cover

The market for boiler cover offers various options for homeowners to protect their boilers in case of breakdowns. Boiler cover is a policy that provides peace of mind by ensuring that if your boiler breaks down, a gas-safety registered engineer will assess and attempt to fix the problem.

One highly regarded platform to compare boiler cover options is Compare the Market. By utilising their services, homeowners can ensure they find the right insurance cover based on their specific needs and budget. Compare the Market offers an extensive range of insurance providers and plans, allowing users to easily evaluate and select the most suitable option.

When selecting a boiler cover plan, it's important to consider factors such as price, level of protection, and additional services that may accompany the policy. Some plans solely focus on boiler breakdowns, while others include central heating. Central heating insurance covers not only the boiler but also gas pipework, radiators, and other essential system components.

It's also vital to weigh up the difference between a one-off boiler service and ongoing boiler cover to find the cost-effective solution. A one-off boiler service is a single payment for a thorough inspection and maintenance of your boiler, while ongoing boiler cover involves monthly or annual payments for continuous coverage and support.

In summary, the market for boiler cover is diverse, and homeowners have various options to choose from. By comparing boiler insurance plans on reputable platforms like Compare the Market and considering one's specific needs and situation, homeowners can ensure that they're providing the best possible protection for their heating systems.

Compare the Market: A Close Look

Compare the Market is a popular platform that helps users find and compare various insurance products, including boiler cover. Offering a range of options in partnership with Hometree, they aim to provide suitable boiler cover and care plans to help homeowners safeguard against potential breakdowns and repair costs.

One of the key aspects of boiler cover through Compare the Market is the inclusion of central heating cover as an option. Central heating insurance can cover the cost of repairs if a heating system breaks down. This addition allows users to have a more comprehensive protection plan for their home heating systems.

Compare the Market understands the importance of regular boiler servicing to maintain safety and efficiency. They offer guidance on how to get a cheap boiler service, either through a one-off service or by including it in an ongoing boiler cover plan. This helps homeowners make informed decisions while keeping costs under control.

The platform's user-friendly interface and comprehensive range of options make it easy for homeowners to find the most suitable boiler cover at competitive prices. By using Compare the Market, they can have peace of mind knowing that they've made an informed choice, and their boiler is protected in case of malfunction or breakdown.

Boiler Cover Plans: The Options

Boiler cover plans offer various options to suit different needs and budgets, ensuring that homeowners can find the right policy to protect their boiler and central heating system.

One common option is a basic boiler cover, which provides coverage for the boiler and its controls. This type of plan typically includes an annual service and any repairs needed in case of a breakdown. However, it doesn't include coverage for the central heating system, leaving you responsible for any expenses involving radiators, pipework, and other related components. Basic boiler cover can be a good choice for those with a relatively new heating system and a limited budget.

The boiler and central heating cover goes beyond just the boiler, providing protection for the entire central heating system, including radiators, pipework, and thermostats. This type of plan ensures comprehensive coverage and is particularly helpful for those with older heating systems that may be more prone to breakdowns. Additionally, it gives homeowners peace of mind that any problems with their central heating will be taken care of without incurring extra costs.

For those seeking complete home emergency coverage, home emergency cover plans are available. These policies include boiler and central heating cover, alongside protection against other household emergencies, such as plumbing and electrical issues, pest infestation, and security incidents. Home emergency cover is ideal for those who want a single policy to manage all potential emergencies within their property, offering convenience and comprehensive protection.

Finally, some providers offer landlord boiler cover specifically designed for rental properties. This type of plan ensures that landlords meet their legal obligations concerning boiler maintenance and safety checks, with additional features like coverage for accidental damage and emergency accommodation for tenants in case of a breakdown. Landlord boiler cover helps to protect valuable rental investments, providing peace of mind to both landlords and tenants.

In conclusion, the available boiler cover options cater to various needs and budgets, allowing homeowners to choose the best policy to protect their property and ensure a well-functioning boiler and central heating system. It's crucial to compare the different boiler cover policies to find the right plan suited to your specific requirements.

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Benefits of Compare the Market's Boiler Cover

Compare the Market offers a range of boiler cover options to suit different needs. One key benefit includes protection for your boiler and central heating system, such as pipes, radiators and pumps. This comprehensive cover helps to provide peace of mind and prevent costly repairs.

Another advantage of using Compare the Market is the ease of comparing deals from multiple providers. This allows you to find the best plan for your needs and budget. By reviewing the policies and features, you can make an informed decision on which boiler cover suits you best.

Additionally, Compare the Market offers expert advice and guidance on how to maintain your boiler for optimal performance. For instance, they provide useful tips on how to get a cheap boiler service. Regular boiler servicing helps to ensure your unit remains safe and efficient.

To summarise, Compare the Market's boiler cover provides significant benefits, such as comprehensive protection for your boiler and central heating system, the ability to compare deals from multiple providers, and expert advice on boiler maintenance. By choosing a boiler cover plan through Compare the Market, you can secure a tailored policy that best meets your needs and offers peace of mind.

Limitations of Compare the Market's Boiler Cover

Compare the Market is a popular platform for comparing boiler cover plans, however, it has some limitations that potential customers should be aware of before making a decision. This section outlines a few of these limitations to provide a clearer understanding of the service.

One limitation is that Compare the Market may not include all the available boiler cover options in the market. While they have a range of providers and plans listed, some smaller companies or specialised plans might not be featured. This means that users might miss out on some potentially suitable options for their specific needs and preferences.

Another limitation is the platform's focus on price comparison. While price is a significant factor for most customers, it may not be the only aspect they need to consider. Boiler cover plans can vary greatly in terms of coverage, exclusions, and customer support, which might not be evident from the comparison tables.

In addition, Compare the Market's boiler cover comparison primarily focuses on annual plans, which might not cater to those looking for short-term or flexible options. For instance, customers who know they'll be moving within a few months might prefer a temporary boiler cover contract, which is something not easily found on the platform.

Lastly, it’s important to note that Compare the Market generates revenue through commissions from providers, which could potentially create a bias in the way they present and promote certain products. While they claim to maintain their neutral stance and avoid promoting any specific boiler cover plan over another, customers should be aware of this potential bias and take it into consideration when making a decision.

In summary, while Compare the Market offers a convenient way to compare boiler cover prices, it does have some limitations. Consumers should be aware of these limitations and consider other sources of information when choosing boiler cover to ensure they make the best decision for their specific needs.

Alternatives to Compare the Market

While Compare the Market is a popular platform for comparing boiler cover options, there are several other notable options available to homeowners in the UK. These alternatives offer a variety of services, allowing individuals to find the ideal boiler cover to meet their specific needs.

MoneySavingExpert is a well-established platform offering useful advice on saving money on household bills. They provide an updated list of the best boiler cover options for different budgets, showcasing plans as low as £2 per month. This website is a reliable source for UK residents seeking budget-friendly boiler insurance to protect their homes from unexpected repair costs.

Similar to Compare the Market, MoneySuperMarket is another provider comparison site. They have an extensive selection of boiler cover deals that are backed by user reviews. Their search tool is user-friendly, allowing homeowners to compare various options based on their requirements, such as boiler age, central heating coverage, and more.

Money Check is a financial advice website that offers a comprehensive guide on the top boiler cover options in the UK market. They provide a detailed analysis of each company, helping customers make informed decisions regarding their boiler insurance. This website caters to individuals looking for a more in-depth look at heating cover plans and the companies offering them.

Lastly, although not a comparison site, Hometree is an insurance provider that has partnered with Compare the Market. They offer boiler cover options directly, which may be worth considering for homeowners interested in a dedicated boiler cover company.

In summary, there are several alternatives to Compare the Market for homeowners seeking to compare and select the best boiler cover in the UK. Each option has its unique features and benefits, helping individuals make the right choice for their boiler insurance needs.

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How to Choose the Right Boiler Cover

When looking for the right boiler cover, it is essential to consider several factors to ensure you get the best protection for your home's heating system. Begin with assessing what type of boiler you have, as this will influence the coverage options available to you.

The first step is to determine the level of cover you require. Boiler cover plans can range from basic to comprehensive. A basic plan typically covers repairs and breakdowns, while a more comprehensive plan may include annual servicing and maintenance. Keep in mind that higher levels of cover often come at an increased cost, so weigh your options based on your budget and requirements.

Next, consider the age and condition of your boiler. Some insurers may not provide coverage for older boilers or may charge higher premiums for them. Moreover, make sure you understand any exclusions or limitations in plans, such as pre-existing issues or specific components not covered. It's crucial to know what your policy covers to prevent any unexpected costs.

Another aspect to consider is the provider's reputation and customer service. Research customer reviews and ratings to gauge their responsiveness and support during a boiler breakdown. You can compare various providers and their boiler cover offerings using reliable comparison websites like Compare the Market. This can help you find a plan that offers the best combination of features, price, and customer satisfaction.

Don't forget to check for any promotional offers or discounts that may be available. Some companies offer discounts for new customers, multiple policy bundles, or even reduced premiums if you have a history of regular boiler servicing.

Finally, read the policy details carefully, including the terms and conditions, before signing up for boiler cover. This ensures that you understand your responsibilities as a policyholder, such as timely boiler servicing and maintenance, as well as the exclusions and limitations of the cover.

By considering these factors and researching different boiler cover options, you can make an informed decision and choose the right protection for your home's heating system.


Comparing boiler cover options in the market is essential for making an informed decision regarding the right type of protection for your boiler. By researching and analysing various plans, homeowners can ensure they get the best value and the appropriate level of cover for their unique circumstances.

It is important to keep in mind the different types of boiler cover available, such as boiler-only cover and boiler and central heating cover. Each option provides varying degrees of protection for the boiler itself, its controls, and the entire central heating system, including pipes, radiators, and pumps.

Evaluating the costs and benefits of each plan can be simplified by using comparison websites like Compare the Market and MoneySavingExpert. These resources provide an accessible platform for comparing different boiler cover providers, making it easier to discover the best options for your needs.

In conclusion, taking the time to research and compare boiler cover in the market is a vital step towards making a well-informed decision. By doing so, homeowners can have peace of mind, knowing that their boiler and central heating system will be well-protected in the event of a breakdown.

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