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Legal and General Boiler Cover: Pros, Cons & Best Deals

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Ever had a boiler break down on the coldest day of winter? No one desires to be in that predicament. Yet, without proper protection like legal and general boiler cover, that chilling scenario could become your reality.

The sheer dread we feel at the thought of an unexpected breakdown can be overwhelming. We all know how it feels - caught off guard, cold showers, chilly nights wrapped up in blankets; sounds like something out of Charles Dickens' novel, doesn't it?

This is where Legal & General steps into our story. Like the superhero swooping in to save us from those icy perils with their comprehensive coverage for home heating systems.

about to discover why this provider is a cut above the rest. Buckle up, because we're diving into what makes them truly unique and worthy of your consideration among the sea of alternatives.

Understanding Legal and General Boiler Cover

If your boiler breaks, the last thing you need is the stress of finding a heating engineer who can fix it quickly. That's where Legal & General's boiler cover comes in handy.

This service ensures that when a boiler breakdown happens, you won't be left out in the cold for long. They have skilled engineers ready to respond and get your home back up and running as soon as possible.

Their coverage includes repair costs for both boilers and central heating systems. But remember to read their terms and conditions carefully because some policies may exclude certain types of boilers or those over a specific age.

The Basics of Boiler Cover

A good understanding of what’s covered by your policy can save headaches later on. So, let’s dive into some specifics about Legal & General’s offering:

  • All brands are generally accepted but check first if yours is an exception.
  • You’ll receive help with emergency call-outs at no extra cost; they understand that things often go wrong at inconvenient times.
  • An annual service isn’t included – it focuses more on helping when something goes wrong rather than preventing issues from happening in the first place.

Benefits of Legal and General Boiler Cover

Legal & General's boiler cover comes with a host of advantages. First off, their support plans are customer-centric. You can expect prompt home emergency help if your boiler breaks down.

This insurance provider is not just about fixing boilers but also preventing problems in the first place. With regular servicing included as part of most packages, you get peace of mind knowing that potential issues might be spotted before they turn into costly repairs.

Another benefit is the cost-effectiveness. When compared to other providers like PlusHeat UK, whose domestic boiler cover starts from £4.49 per month, Legal & General offer competitive pricing without compromising on service quality.

Their excellent customer service adds another layer to this package deal - because nobody wants to wait hours for assistance when their heating system fails during winter.

A Well-Rounded Package

Beyond these benefits, there’s more value added by optional extras available under certain policies – such as pest control services or life insurance provisions. It makes sense: why not bundle everything together for an even smoother ride?

Comparing Legal and General Boiler Cover with Other Providers

When it comes to boiler cover, the market is awash with options. But how does Legal & General's offering stack up? We took a closer look.

Cost Comparison

We found their rates are competitive but you might need to consider other factors too such as the extent of coverage and service quality.

Our Recommended Best Buy

We've extensively reviewed over 30 boiler cover providers and our recommended best buy is YourRepair. Rated 4.3/5 stars on TrustPilot, they are our top pick, offering the best combined value and customer service.

Your Repair Logo

This means checking customer scores for satisfaction and considering if it's easy enough to switch your boiler provider should you want or need to in future.

Policies can differ greatly so do dig into insurance policy specifics before making any decisions. The right choice could save you time, money and potential hassle when things go wrong.

How to Make a Claim with Legal and General Boiler Cover

If your boiler breaks down, don't panic. Making a claim with Legal & General is straightforward.

The first step? Contact the customer service staff at Legal & General. It's important to have your policy details handy - you'll need them during the call.

To speed up the process, keep some key information ready: description of the issue, boiler make and model, plus any error codes displayed on your unit. This helps them understand what might be wrong before sending out an engineer.

Contacting Customer Service

You can reach Legal & General Homes' emergency service at 0345 117 0660 for immediate help if needed. They're available round-the-clock so there's no waiting around when you need support fast.

Filing Your Claim

After contacting customer service and explaining your situation, they will guide you through making a claim under insurance policies provided by Legal & General.

Your claim may cover repair costs or even replacement if necessary - depending on T&Cs of course.

The best part about making a claim? You're not alone in this journey. The friendly folks from L&G are committed to providing stellar customer care throughout this potentially stressful time.

All geared towards getting that warm home feeling back ASAP.

Customer Reviews of Legal and General Boiler Cover

The customer scores for Legal & General's boiler cover can give you a glimpse into what it's like to be their customer. A common theme among positive reviews is the praise for their efficient customer service, with many mentioning quick response times.

Let's not be too positive. There are some gripes too - most notably about delays in repair services or misunderstandings related to terms and conditions (T&Cs). Remember, it’s important to read your policy details carefully before signing up.

Review Analysis

We analysed various reviews domestic customers posted online. While many appreciate the peace of mind provided by comprehensive cover policies, others expressed frustration over occasional sludge build-up issues which were not covered.

The experience seems mixed but remember this golden rule: always consider multiple sources when making an informed decision on something as vital as home insurance covering boilers. After all, we’re talking about keeping your home cosy.

To get more insights from actual users' experiences with different providers including YourRepair and Home Emergency Assist, use our comparison tool at boilercoveruk.co.uk.

Additional Services Offered by Legal and General Boiler Cover

Beyond the peace of mind offered by a robust boiler cover, Legal & General extends its safety net to other aspects of home protection. Their offerings aren't just about keeping your boiler running but also ensuring that you're ready for any eventuality.

Exploring The Cala Group

A prime example is their partnership with The Cala Group. This alliance means that customers can benefit from expanded services such as pest control. Imagine not only having your heating system protected but also getting help when pesky invaders come knocking.

The support plans go beyond regular boiler servicing, offering a comprehensive home emergency cover. With this added layer of security, dealing with unexpected incidents becomes less stressful.

Pest problems? They've got it covered. Need urgent plumbing work done? No worries there either. These are just some examples showing how Legal & General's approach isn't limited to traditional insurance policies alone.

All these extra features make it clear why many choose them over competing providers. After all, who wouldn't want more bang for their buck?

Contacting Legal and General Boiler Cover

Reaching out to Legal & General for questions or claims about your boiler cover can be straightforward. Whether you're an existing customer needing help with a breakdown, or someone just interested in getting more details about their policies, they've got options.

The primary point of contact is their emergency service line at 0345 117 0660. It's available round the clock, so it's there when you need it most - like if your boiler breaks down unexpectedly in the dead of winter.

If phone calls aren't your thing but emails are, try dropping them a line at homes@landg.com. This might take longer than a call but could prove handy if you want written confirmation of any terms discussed.

And remember, while reaching out directly to Legal & General can give you specific answers regarding your policy concerns (such as repair costs limits), doing some independent research doesn’t hurt either. Websites like ours let users compare various boiler cover providers' offerings side by side - making sure that whether its British Gas or Domestic & General Insurance PLC, everyone has access to all necessary information before making an informed choice.

FAQs in Relation to Legal and General Boiler Cover

Is boiler cover a good idea?

Absolutely. Boiler cover provides peace of mind, helping you avoid unexpected repair costs and ensuring your home stays warm all year round.

What does the boiler cover include?

Boiler cover typically includes the cost of repairs, annual service checks, and sometimes even emergency call-outs to fix sudden breakdowns.

What does my boiler warranty cover?

Your boiler's warranty usually covers parts and labour for faults due to manufacturing errors but it doesn't replace regular servicing or wear-and-tear issues.

Can I get a boiler cover for an old boiler?

You can find coverage for older boilers but check age limits as some insurers may not provide policies for boilers over a certain age.


Choosing a reliable boiler cover is no small task. But now, you're armed with the knowledge to make an informed decision about Legal and General boiler cover.

You've explored its comprehensive coverage, including those elusive policy exclusions. You've delved into the perks that come along for the ride - from home emergency support to additional services like pest control.

We even took a detour through customer reviews and compared it against other providers in the market.

The upshot? Legal & General doesn't just provide insurance – they offer peace of mind. That's priceless when your boiler breaks on a frosty winter night!

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