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Whoopsie Boiler Cover Reviewed: Boiler Cover Deals

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Whoopsie is a privately owned boutique insurance firm. Their boiler cover provides homeowners and tenants with peace of mind when it comes to their heating systems. Whoopsie strives to offer comprehensive protection and excellent customer service. They focus on addressing customers' needs in those unexpected moments.

With a range of plans available, Whoopsie boiler cover aims to suit different budgets and preferences. Aside from offering protection for the boiler itself, specific plans also cover other aspects of the home's heating system, such as the radiators and pipes, ensuring that customers can avoid costly repairs or replacements in the event of unforeseen issues.

What is Whoopsie Boiler Cover?

Whoopsie Boiler Cover is a protection plan that offers annual boiler servicing and additional coverage for any issues with your boiler system. The primary goal of this cover is to ensure that your boiler and heating equipment operate efficiently and smoothly throughout the year.

While selecting a boiler cover, it is essential to consider various factors, such as the level of cover and the exclusions in the policy. Boiler-only cover is the basic level and usually the cheapest option. However, higher levels of cover can include additional benefits like protection for the entire heating system. Researching and comparing different boiler cover providers is essential to ensure that they meet your specific needs and budget.

Benefits of Whoopsie Boiler Cover

Comprehensive Protection

Whoopsie Boiler Cover offers a comprehensive protection plan for your boiler, which includes an annual boiler service, support for serviced items, and additional remote support, guaranteeing that your boiler remains in optimal working condition and reduces the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns.

Home Emergency

With Whoopsie, you can extend your coverage to protect your boiler and the rest of your home heating infrastructure. This comprehensive coverage can be found under the Home Emergency section of their website, where you can also get a quote for a tailored plan.

Customer Support

You can rely on Whoopsie's expert team to help quickly resolve any problems. The additional remote support offered by the company means you can get the help you need without waiting for an engineer, potentially saving you time and inconvenience.

Annual Service

The cover typically includes an annual boiler service to ensure the heating equipment remains efficient and reduces the risk of potential breakdowns.

Customer Service Team

Whoopsie customer service is available during regular working hours from Monday to Friday (9 a.m. - 9 p.m.) and Saturday (9 a.m. - 5 p.m.). For emergency-related claims, the helpline is open 24/7. To reach the customer service, you can call at 020 4599 4575.

Cost Efficiency

Our Recommended Best Buy

We've extensively reviewed over 30 boiler cover providers and our recommended best buy is YourRepair. Rated 4.3/5 stars on TrustPilot, they are our top pick, offering the best combined value and customer service.

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With £3000 worth of annual boiler cover, Whoopsie Boiler Cover is a cost-effective solution to boiler maintenance. Their plan also provides additional support if your insurance policy does not cover something. Callout fees may apply for repairs not related to your serviced items or insurance.

How to Get a Whoopsie Boiler Cover

To obtain a Whoopsie Boiler Cover plan, follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Visit the Whoopsie Cover UK website for information about the various boiler cover options.
  2. Ensure that you understand the features, benefits, and exclusions of each policy.
  3. Choose a plan that best suits your needs.
  4. Navigate to the Boiler Maintenance Plan page to review the plan's details and pricing.
  5. Complete the purchase process by providing the necessary information. Fill out the required details and choose your preferred payment method. Whoopsie Cover UK offers a secure online payment system, ensuring your financial information remains protected.
  6. Upon completing the payment process, you will receive a confirmation email containing your policy documents and details.
  7. Review your policy and keep a copy for your records.

If you need assistance or have questions during this process, feel free to reach out to the Whoopsie customer service team.

Essential Components of Whoopsie Boiler Cover

Cover Limit

The Whoopsie Boiler Cover provides adequate financial protection for homeowners in case of a boiler breakdown or malfunction. The policy includes a generous cover limit of £3000, ensuring customers can cover the necessary costs of repairing or replacing their boiler.

Claims Process

The claims process under the Whoopsie Boiler Cover is designed to be simple and hassle-free, ensuring customers receive timely assistance when they need it most. If a boiler issue arises, policyholders must contact the Whoopsie customer support team, who can guide them through the appropriate steps. Depending on the severity of the problem, Whoopsie may either arrange for an approved engineer to inspect and repair the issue or authorise a boiler replacement. A straightforward claims process is crucial for customers in times of emergency.


It is essential to remember that the Whoopsie Boiler Cover does not include day-to-day property maintenance. This service focuses on the upkeep and repair of boilers and heating equipment rather than general wear and tear, which homeowners are expected to manage independently. You can refer to this document to learn more about the terms and conditions of your boiler cover.

Understanding the Costs

When considering a boiler cover, it's important to understand the costs involved. Whoopsie boiler cover offers competitive pricing, starting at £6.99 per month. However, there may be additional fees for callouts, depending on the chosen policy.

On average, people in the UK pay around £265.80 per year for their boiler cover packages. The more comprehensive the coverage, the higher the cost will be. Evaluating each boiler cover package carefully and choosing one that best suits your needs is essential.

Many factors affect the cost of boiler cover packages, including:

  • Extent of coverage: Some boiler cover packages offer limited services, while others cover more components, increasing the cost
  • Provider: Prices may vary depending on the provider, so it's essential to compare different offerings before making a decision
  • Boiler age and brand: Some providers may charge more for covering older boilers or for working on specific brands due to the complexity or availability of parts
  • Location: The cost of boiler cover may vary based on geographic region and accessibility of service

Additionally, consider any potential costs for repairs and services if not covered by the chosen package. Striking the right balance between the cost of boiler cover and its coverage is crucial to making an informed decision regarding the investment in a boiler cover policy.

Customer Reviews

Customers have reported satisfaction with their boiler repair experience with Whoopsie. They mention friendly and helpful staff who listen to their concerns and arrange for prompt repairs.

Common Questions about Whoopsie Boiler Cover

What if I Want to Cancel My Plan?

If you wish to cancel your Whoopsie Boiler Cover plan, carefully reviewing their cancellation policy is vital. Although specific details may vary depending on the terms of your agreement, most boiler cover providers allow you to cancel within a specific time frame. Following the provider's procedures is key to avoiding potential fees or complications.

Does Whoopsie Cover Older Boilers?

Whoopsie Boiler Cover aims to provide comprehensive coverage for your boiler, regardless of age. However, it's important to note that older boilers may require more frequent servicing and may experience issues not covered by standard maintenance plans. To ensure your older boiler is adequately protected, it's always a good practice to review the terms and conditions of your specific plan and contact Whoopsie if you have any questions or concerns about your boiler's eligibility.


Whoopsie boiler cover is a service that offers protection and maintenance for homeowners' boilers and heating systems. They provide an annual boiler service and assistance if anything goes wrong with the boiler or other heating equipment.

Overall, Whoopsie offers viable options for those seeking boiler cover in the UK. It is important to weigh its purported benefits against any potential drawbacks by carefully assessing their levels of cover and policy terms. By doing so, homeowners can make an informed decision about whether Whoopsie boiler cover is the ideal choice to meet their unique boiler maintenance and protection needs.

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