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Ferroli Boiler Cover: Compare The Best Prices - Pros & Cons

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Ferroli boilers have become a popular choice among homeowners and businesses for their heating and hot water needs. These Italian-designed boilers are known for their efficiency, reliability, and advanced technology. With a product range that includes domestic and commercial boilers, water heaters, and renewable energy products, Ferroli has established a strong presence in the market both in the UK and internationally.

To ensure the smooth operation and longevity of your Ferroli boiler, it's essential to have the right boiler cover in place. Boiler cover is a type of insurance policy that provides peace of mind by offering protection against unexpected repair costs, annual servicing, and other essential maintenance tasks. By taking out a suitable policy, homeowners can avoid the stress and financial burden that can arise if their boiler encounters any issues or malfunctions.

There are several factors to consider when choosing the ideal Ferroli boiler cover, such as the level of coverage, price, and the reputation of the service provider. Comparing various options and thoroughly evaluating their offerings can help homeowners make an informed decision and ensure that their boiler remains in good working condition for years to come.

Understanding Ferroli Boiler Cover

Ferroli boiler cover is a type of insurance policy that helps to cover the cost of repairs and maintenance in the event of a boiler breakdown. It offers peace of mind to homeowners who rely on their Ferroli boiler for heating and hot water needs. In this section, we will discuss the key aspects of Ferroli boiler cover, enabling you to make an informed decision.

Ferroli boiler cover comes in various levels of protection, similar to boiler-only cover and more comprehensive packages that may also include heating systems and other components. When choosing a Ferroli boiler cover, it is important to consider factors such as the age of your boiler, the level of coverage required, and your budget.

A typical Ferroli boiler cover policy will provide access to a gas-safety registered engineer, who should be able to attend and resolve boiler issues within 24 hours. Additionally, depending on the level of cover, the policy may also bear the cost of any parts and labour required for repairs. To ensure that a policy will meet your specific needs, it is crucial to familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions of each cover level.

Many Ferroli boiler cover policies also include a boiler service, which involves annual maintenance checks to help prolong the lifespan of your boiler. These maintenance checks help identify potential issues early, reducing the risk of costly repairs or replacements down the line.

In summary, Ferroli boiler cover is a valuable investment for those who want to safeguard their boiler and heating system. By understanding the various levels of coverage and considering your individual needs, you can find the best policy for your home. It is important to remember that boiler cover policies can vary in terms of coverage, exclusions, and cost, so always compare and carefully review each option before making a decision.

Key Features of Ferroli Boiler Cover

Ferroli boiler cover offers peace of mind for homeowners using Ferroli's range of cutting-edge heating appliances. Though specific features may vary depending on the provider or policy, below are some of the key features that typically come with Ferroli boiler cover.

Annual Service: Ferroli boiler cover often includes an annual boiler service conducted by a qualified engineer. This helps maintain the boiler's efficiency, lengthens its lifespan, and ensures it remains in working order.

Parts and Labour: When your boiler encounters issues, the cover typically includes the cost of required parts and the labour of an engineer to repair it. As Ferroli is a well-established brand, finding Ferroli boiler spares is usually not a problem.

24/7 Customer Support: Homeowners can access customer support at any time of the day, which is essential during unexpected breakdowns or emergencies. A qualified team of professionals is available to address any concerns or issues related to your Ferroli boiler.

No Hidden Charges: A transparent and upfront pricing policy is crucial for homeowners looking for Ferroli boiler cover, ensuring they only pay for the agreed services and not any hidden or unexpected costs.

Qualified Engineers: Ferroli boiler cover typically guarantees the engineers are Gas Safe registered, highly trained, and skilled in maintaining and repairing Ferroli products. This means homeowners can feel confident that any repairs are carried out by an expert who understands their specific boiler model.

When considering Ferroli boiler cover, it's essential to keep in mind that not all policies may include the same features or benefits. Carefully review the offered plans to ensure they meet your individual needs and provide the best protection for your Ferroli boiler.

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Importance of Boiler Cover

Boiler cover is an essential aspect of protecting your home heating and hot water systems. It is a type of insurance policy that covers the cost of calling out a gas-safety registered engineer, often within 24 hours, in addition to the costs of repairs and replacement. Having a reliable boiler cover in place provides peace of mind and financial assistance in case of breakdown or malfunction.

One key benefit of boiler cover is the assurance it offers to homeowners against unexpected expenses. Boilers can be costly to repair or replace, and without adequate coverage, you may find yourself incurring significant out-of-pocket expenses to get the system up and running again. Boiler cover policies often include an annual service, which can help maintain the boiler system and prevent potential issues. Selecting a plan that includes this service can save homeowners approximately £60 to £90 on individual servicing costs.

Another advantage of having boiler cover is the ongoing support and expertise provided by qualified professionals. Boiler cover policies typically grant homeowners access to a network of skilled engineers who can diagnose and fix boiler-related problems efficiently. This means your boiler system is more likely to receive the proper care and attention it needs to function correctly and safely.

However, it’s essential for homeowners to consider their boiler's existing warranty before purchasing boiler cover. Boiler warranties can range from one to ten years, offering free repair or replacement by the manufacturer during the warranty period. Always check the terms and conditions of your boiler's warranty to determine if additional boiler cover is necessary.

In summary, boiler cover is an important aspect of home maintenance, offering financial protection, expert assistance, and peace of mind in the event of boiler issues. Homeowners should weigh the costs and benefits of boiler cover, taking their boiler's warranty into account to make an informed decision on whether to invest in additional protection.

How Ferroli Boiler Cover Stands Out

Ferroli, an Italian boiler manufacturer, has been in the heating appliance industry for more than half a century. They now operate in 14 countries across Europe and Asia. Ferroli boiler cover protects your heating system by providing access to registered engineers who can assist you with any breakdowns or issues.

One of the key aspects that makes Ferroli boiler cover stand out from others is the company's strong commitment to technologically advanced solutions in both domestic and commercial boilers, as well as renewable energy products. This dedication to innovation ensures that customers receive reliable, efficient heating systems that help to minimise the need for repairs.

In addition, Ferroli offers a diverse range of boilers to suit various property types and sizes. The availability of high power condensing wall-hung boilers, such as the FORCE W SINGLE BOILER, makes them an ideal choice for larger households. Meanwhile, the BLUEHELIX HITECH RRT series provides high efficiency condensing combi boilers for those seeking a more eco-friendly solution.

Ferroli's boiler cover also provides customers with peace of mind knowing that they have support from registered engineers in case of a breakdown. Engineers can assist with common problems such as low boiler pressure or parts replacements, ensuring your heating system remains in good working order.

In summary, Ferroli boiler cover stands out due to the company's focus on innovative, energy-efficient products and a diverse range of boilers tailored to different property requirements. Coupled with their commitment to providing registered engineer support, Ferroli offers a solid boiler cover option for homeowners seeking reliability and peace of mind.

Choosing the Right Ferroli Boiler Cover

When selecting the right Ferroli boiler cover, it's essential to consider various factors to ensure you get a suitable plan for your needs. Doing proper research and comparing multiple options can help you make a well-informed decision.

First and foremost, evaluate the types of boiler covers available in the market. Generally, there are three main types:

  • Basic boiler cover: This option covers the boiler and its controls. It is the most basic plan and is suitable for those looking for a minimal safety net.
  • Boiler and central heating cover: This plan not only covers the boiler and its controls but also other components making up your central heating system.
  • Full home emergency cover: This extensive plan covers your boiler, central heating system, and other potential home emergencies such as plumbing and electrical issues.

Each boiler cover provider may offer varying benefits, so it's essential to compare plans and choose one tailored to your specific needs.

When evaluating different boiler covers, pay attention to policy exclusions. Every plan may include specific exclusions, and it's crucial to know those details beforehand to avoid surprises during a claim process. For instance, some policies may exclude maintenance-related failures due to poor installation, so ensure you work with an experienced installer when upgrading your boiler. Ferroli boilers have received positive reviews from customers, indicating that getting the optimal performance depends on the quality of installation.

Your selection should be based on factors like whether you're an owner or a tenant, your budget, and the age of your current boiler, as well as your risk tolerance, and the level of service you expect from the boiler cover provider.

In conclusion, choosing the right Ferroli boiler cover involves comparing options, understanding policy exclusions, and evaluating your needs as a homeowner or tenant. By taking the time to analyse various plans, you can find a suitable boiler cover that offers peace of mind and hassle-free service when required.

Ferroli Boiler Cover Cost

Ferroli boiler cover is an essential part of maintaining your heating system and ensuring it runs efficiently. The cost of this cover depends on the type of policy and the level of protection you require. There are several companies that offer Ferroli boiler cover, with varying prices and features. This section will discuss the factors that influence the cost of Ferroli boiler cover and provide some examples of available options.

The primary factor affecting the cost of Ferroli boiler cover is the level of protection you choose. Policies typically include basic boiler and controls cover, standard central heating cover, or comprehensive home emergency cover. Basic boiler cover may start at around £3.50 per month, lasting for a contract term of 12 months. This usually covers the cost of repair or replacements for the main components of the boiler, but may not include additional features like annual servicing or cover for plumbing and electrical systems.

For those who want more extensive coverage, you can opt for standard central heating cover or comprehensive home emergency policies. Standard central heating cover often includes breakdown assistance for the entire heating system, such as radiators, pipes, and thermostats, as well as the boiler itself. This level of cover generally costs more than basic boiler cover, ranging from about £9 to £15 per month.

Finally, comprehensive home emergency cover policies provide the most extensive level of protection, including boiler, central heating, plumbing, drainage, and electrical repairs, as well as assistance with pest control and security issues. The cost for this level of cover can vary greatly, with some packages reaching up to £20 or more per month.

Another factor to consider when determining the cost of Ferroli boiler cover is the excess amount or call-out charge associated with the policy. Some providers require an excess payment, usually around £50 to £100, for each claim made on the policy. This excess amount can help reduce the overall cost of the policy, so it's important to weigh up whether a policy with a higher excess will result in lower monthly premiums and better value overall.

In conclusion, the cost of Ferroli boiler cover can vary depending on the level of protection and additional features you opt for. By considering your needs and shopping around for the best deal, you can find the right level of boiler cover to suit your requirements and your budget.

Claiming Procedure

When experiencing a boiler issue, Ferroli offers a straightforward claiming procedure for homeowners with boiler cover. The first step is to determine if the boiler is still under warranty or not. If it's not under warranty, there is an Out of Warranty Repair service available that costs £299 (including VAT). This service covers labour and parts up to a value of £250 and includes a full boiler service.

In case the boiler is still under warranty, the homeowner can request a visit from a Ferroli approved Gas Safe registered engineer, either by phone or online. It's essential to have the following two things to hand when making the claim:

  1. Boiler serial number
  2. Proof of purchase or installation date

To register a warranty, visit Ferroli's Warranty Registration page. Remember, for the warranty to be valid, it must be registered within 30 days of installation.

If the issue with the boiler is caused by a manufacturing fault, there will be no charge for the engineer's visit during the warranty period. However, a £75 call-out charge will be applied if the problem resulted from a non-manufacturing fault, which can be found on their In Warranty Breakdown page.

During the warranty period, Ferroli will repair or replace any parts proved to be faulty from manufacture.

In conclusion, when claiming Ferroli's boiler cover, it's important to determine whether the boiler is still under warranty and follow the appropriate steps. Having the required documents and information ready will ensure a smooth claim process.

Customer Reviews and Experiences

Customers have shared positive experiences with Ferroli boiler cover. For instance, on Trustpilot, Ferroli UK enjoys an excellent rating of 4.3 based on 275 reviews. It is worth mentioning that 67% of these customers have given Ferroli a 5-star rating, which indicates a high level of satisfaction.

Some of the most common praises revolve around the exceptional customer service provided by Ferroli representatives. A recent review mentioned that a Ferroli representative named Neville Hoare went above and beyond to help the customer source an old part for their boiler. The customer appreciated Neville's helpfulness and prompt follow-up on their phone calls.

In addition to their quality customer service, Ferroli receives compliments from professional installers as well. A gas engineer shared a positive experience after installing a Ferroli boiler, highlighting the overall quality of the product and the support provided by the company.

However, it is important to keep in mind that not all reviews are entirely positive. Some customers have reported less satisfying experiences, which is indicated by the 21% of 1-star ratings. Issues mentioned in these lower-rated reviews typically relate to product quality or response times. Despite this, the overall consensus among customers and professionals remains predominately positive.

In summary, Ferroli boiler cover has garnered a significant number of favourable reviews, with customers and professionals frequently commending the company's customer service, product quality, and support. While there are occasional negative reviews, the majority of customers appear to be satisfied with their experience.

Renewing Your Ferroli Boiler Cover

Renewing your Ferroli boiler cover is essential for ensuring your boiler remains in good condition and operates efficiently. Maintaining an up-to-date boiler cover reduces the chances of unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs. In this section, we will guide you through the process of renewing your Ferroli boiler cover.

To start the renewal process, first, check your current boiler cover plan and its expiry date. If you are unsure, you can usually find this information on your boiler cover documents or the provider's website. Once you have confirmed the expiry date, it's advisable to begin searching for a new boiler cover plan a few weeks before the current one expires. This will give you ample time to evaluate your options and select the best plan that suits your needs.

When searching for a new boiler cover plan, it is essential to compare different providers and their offerings. As a Ferroli boiler owner, you can consider extending your standard warranty by purchasing one of the Modena HE boilers, which come with a 5-year parts and labour warranty, with the option to extend it to 7-10 years. Additionally, you can weigh options from other providers, such as boiler cover and boiler maintenance contracts that will cover the cost of servicing and repairing your boiler for a monthly or annual fee.

While comparing boiler cover plans, take into account factors such as cover limit, excess fees, no-claims period, and the types of repairs included. Ensure that the chosen plan covers essential services like annual boiler servicing, breakdown repairs, and replacement parts. It is also important to read customer reviews and ratings to gauge the provider's promptness in handling repair requests and overall customer satisfaction.

Once you have selected your preferred boiler cover plan, sign up by providing the necessary information, including your Ferroli boiler model and installation date. Make a note of any important documents or reference numbers for future use. Keep in mind that registering your Ferroli warranty within 30 days of installation is vital for the warranty to remain valid.

In conclusion, renewing your Ferroli boiler cover is crucial for ensuring your boiler's longevity and performance. By researching your options and choosing the most suitable plan, you can have peace of mind knowing your boiler is protected.


Ferroli boilers have proven to be a popular choice for residents in the UK. The BlueHelix RRT Tech Combi boiler range comes in various sizes, including 24.5kW, 28kW, and 34kW. Customers appreciate their hot water on demand feature, which eliminates the need for a separate hot water storage tank.

Reliability is particularly important when choosing a boiler, and Ferroli has generally been seen as satisfactory. However, some common problems have been reported, such as the boiler switching on and off without warning, and the fan not kicking in. To ensure optimal performance and dealing with these issues, regular maintenance and servicing by a professional is recommended.

While the brand has garnered a reasonable reputation, some customers have experienced difficulties with Ferroli's warranty cover. In certain cases, people have received confusing information or faced challenges when claiming for repairs. It's essential for customers to read through warranty terms and conditions carefully and address any concerns with the company or an engineer.

In summary, Ferroli boilers provide a range of dependable and energy-efficient options for homeowners. Potential buyers should take extra care to understand warranty terms and ensure proper routine maintenance to keep their appliance running smoothly and efficiently.

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