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British Gas Boiler Cover: Pros & Cons + Deals

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British Gas boiler cover offers peace of mind to homeowners by providing essential protection for their heating system. With a variety of plans available, customers can choose the level of coverage that best suits their needs and budget. This ensures that in the event of a boiler breakdown or other heating issue, expert help is available to resolve the problem quickly and efficiently.

One of the key benefits of opting for a British Gas boiler cover is the inclusion of an annual boiler service, which helps to maintain the efficiency and longevity of the heating system. In addition, customers can enjoy unlimited call-outs and repairs, with all parts and labour costs included in their chosen plan. This comprehensive protection ensures that households are kept comfortable and functioning all year round.

With a range of plans starting from just £16 a month, British Gas boiler cover provides an affordable solution for homeowners seeking to safeguard their heating system. This allows for peace of mind in knowing that there is a dependable and trustworthy provider on hand to deal with any unexpected issues that may arise, keeping homes warm and stress-free during all seasons.

Understanding British Gas Boiler Cover

British Gas offers a variety of boiler and heating cover options, designed to provide peace of mind and ensure the smooth operation of your boiler and heating system. These plans are tailored to meet the unique needs of homeowners, ensuring that any issues are dealt with promptly by expert engineers.

One of the main advantages of British Gas boiler cover is that it includes a boiler service worth £99, keeping your boiler in optimal condition. The plans also provide unlimited call-outs and repairs, ensuring that all parts and labour costs are covered. This can be particularly beneficial, as boiler repair costs can vary greatly, with some repairs even costing over £1000.

In addition to boiler cover, British Gas offers various HomeCare schemes that also protect your heating, electrics, plumbing, and drains. These comprehensive plans ensure that you receive prompt attention from skilled professionals, minimising the risk of prolonged issues that could lead to costly damage.

As a British Gas customer, you can rest assured that you have access to a team of expert engineers, capable of resolving a wide range of boiler and heating issues. Their coverage plans provide a hassle-free solution, reducing the stress and financial burden that boiler breakdowns and other home maintenance issues often cause.

In summary, British Gas boiler cover offers a valuable service to homeowners, ensuring that their heating systems remain in good working order, and any issues are dealt with promptly by experienced professionals. With a variety of plans available, homeowners have the freedom to choose the level of coverage that best suits their requirements.

Key Features of British Gas Boiler Cover

24/7 Helpline

One of the primary benefits of opting for British Gas boiler cover is the access to their 24-hour UK-based helpline. This service ensures that customers can receive support and assistance whenever they face an issue with their boiler or heating system. With a team of knowledgeable experts on standby, help is just a phone call away.

Annual Boiler Service

Another key feature of the British Gas boiler cover is the annual boiler service included in all HomeCare packages. Regular servicing ensures that the boiler remains in good working condition, preventing breakdowns and enhancing efficiency. This proactive approach can potentially save customers time, money, and stress in the long run.

Repair and Replacement Coverage

The British Gas boiler cover provides comprehensive repair and replacement coverage for various aspects of home heating, depending on the specific HomeCare package chosen. This includes unlimited callouts, as well as parts and labour costs for boiler repairs, ensuring that customers can have peace of mind knowing their investment is protected, and unexpected repair expenses are covered.

Benefits of British Gas Boiler Cover

Convenient Maintenance

British Gas boiler cover offers customers the convenience of regular annual boiler service performed by expert engineers. This service ensures that your boiler and heating system are functioning efficiently and safely, reducing the likelihood of breakdowns and resulting in long-term savings on energy bills. Scheduled maintenance also helps in identifying potential issues early, avoiding costly repairs down the line.

Financial Security

For a fixed monthly fee, British Gas boiler cover protects customers from unexpected expenses by covering the cost of boiler repairs, central heating, and even plumbing and drains depending on the plan chosen. With options such as the Classic and Complete plans, customers can choose a coverage based on their needs and budget. Furthermore, all parts and labour costs are included in the cover, providing financial security and peace of mind in the event of a breakdown.

Emergency Assistance

In case of a boiler breakdown or central heating issue, British Gas provides emergency assistance with prompt responses from a network of Gas Safe registered engineers. This service ensures that your home's heating and hot water system are restored as quickly as possible, minimising disruption and providing a comfortable living environment. With the added benefit of unlimited call outs and a one-year guarantee on most repairs, British Gas boiler cover ensures reliable support when you need it the most.

Cost of British Gas Boiler Cover

British Gas offers a variety of boiler cover options to suit various needs and budgets. One of their popular offerings is the HomeCare Boiler & Heating Cover. This option provides an annual boiler service and covers boiler and controls, central heating, plumbing, and drains. The Classic plan, which includes a £60 excess, has been reduced from £25.00/month to £18.75/month. Similarly, the Complete plan, also with a £60 excess, is now priced at £20.25/month, down from £27.00/month.

Another option provided by British Gas is the Repair & Cover plan. With this plan, customers can get their boiler fixed for just £75. After the initial repair, the plan starts from £27.50/month for the next year, including Central Heating Breakdown cover.

For customers seeking breakdown cover with their energy tariffs, British Gas offers the Free Boiler Breakdown Cover. This includes unlimited call outs, all parts and labour, and a £99 excess per successful repair. However, there is a 14-day exclusion period at the start of the cover.

British Gas aims to provide transparent and fair pricing for their HomeCare products. They avoid using artificially low prices for new customers and increasing the premium each year, as some companies do. Their pricing is designed to give customers peace of mind when protecting their homes from unexpected repair bills.

Comparing Boiler Cover Providers

When looking for boiler cover, it's crucial to compare various providers to find the best option that suits individual needs. Among multiple choices, British Gas stands out as a popular choice for boiler and home emergency services. Their HomeCare Boiler & Heating Cover offers boiler and heating cover from just £16 a month (previously £21) and includes a summer boiler service, unlimited repairs, call-outs, and all parts and labour.

There are three main types of boiler cover available in the market:

  • Boiler breakdown cover: This most basic type of cover only protects the boiler, but it is the cheapest option available.
  • Full central heating cover: A more comprehensive choice that covers not only the boiler but also the central heating system.
  • Full central heating cover plus drainage and electrical wiring systems: The most extensive option available, covering boiler, central heating, drainage, and electrical systems throughout the property.

It's important to note that boiler cover may not be financially worthwhile for all individuals. Research has found that, year on year, boiler cover is only valuable to a few people. Paying for boiler cover means that if your boiler breaks down, the contract provider will send an engineer to assess the problem and try to fix it.

While selecting a provider, it's crucial to check their reputation, the level of provided cover, and cost. Comparing providers like British Gas with others in the market helps you make an informed decision. Websites like MoneySavingExpert offer a comparison of boiler cover providers and help you identify potential savings on boiler and home emergency cover.

In summary, finding the right boiler cover depends on individual preferences, budget, and requirements. Take time to research, compare providers, and consider the features and benefits of each potential option.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

British Gas boiler cover has been reviewed by various customers, who have shared their experiences on different platforms. On Trustpilot, customers appreciate the ease of using the British Gas App for managing account details, repairs, and chat services. The convenience of interacting with customer services through the app seems to be a highly valued feature.

When it comes to cost-effectiveness and choosing the best boiler cover, a Which? survey found that people paid an average of £265.80 a year for a boiler cover package. The more services a cover includes, the higher the cost. The research reveals that boiler cover may not always be financially beneficial since monthly payments could outweigh the cost of an annual service and necessary repairs.

The Guardian has also examined boiler cover plans offered by British Gas, such as HomeCare Two, which has a minimum annual cost of £288. By comparing the prices, customers can make an informed decision about whether these plans provide good value for money.

In summary, customer reviews and ratings for British Gas boiler cover are available on various platforms, offering perspectives on the ease of use, costs, and effectiveness of the plans. By considering these reviews, individuals can make an informed decision when selecting boiler cover options that best meet their needs.


In this article, we have explored the topic of British Gas boiler cover. Boiler cover plans can provide homeowners with a level of protection and peace of mind, ensuring their boiler is serviced regularly and any repairs are taken care of. British Gas offers HomeCare Boiler & Heating Cover, which includes an annual service, unlimited call-outs and repairs, as well as parts and labour.

When considering whether boiler cover is worth the investment, it is important to weigh the potential benefits against the cost. The average annual cost of boiler cover is £265.80. While this may be more expensive than an annual service and occasional repair costs, it can be a worthwhile expense for those who want the reassurance that any issues will be promptly resolved.

Furthermore, British Gas HomeCare offers different levels of cover, ensuring customers can tailor their protection to their needs and budget. Ultimately, the decision to invest in boiler cover will depend on individual circumstances, such as the age of the boiler and the homeowner's financial situation.

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